Story of my dad
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Talking to my dad about his life growing up and the tough decisions he had to make for our family and country that have lead to where I am living right now and is the reason I have all of...

“Life has a lot of turns to it, and we can never know which way to go, but the right way”.

I interviewed my grandmother about the impact that her ex-husband had on her, and the big choice she made to leave him. She gave an in depth description about her life, how Ivory came about, and how meeting him took...

Short 2 Question Interview

Interviewer: Alex Sprague, 20 years old, BSC campus Interviewee: Sam Arnold, 25 years old, boyfriend spoke about his childhood pets and current pets now

Brodie Vicinanzo and his Great Aunt Rosemary Reid discus life from the 1940’s to present day

In this Interview conducted on November 26th 2023 in Vestavia Hills Alabama. Eighteen year old Brodie Vicinanzo and his eighty eight year old Great Aunt Rosemary Reid discuss what life was like growing up through ww2 and losing loved ones....

Grandparents talk to grandson about childhood and life

On thanksgiving 11/23/17, Severn Maryland,me and my grandparents (Wendy, Otto) talked about their life and how things have changed. We also talked about the moon and boot camp for the marines. My grandmother talked about how it was growing up...

Karnam Comes to America

My name is Nikita Udayakumar and I am a student of the University Honors Program. In December 2018, I had the opportunity to interview my dad about his unique experience immigrating to the United States and forming a sense of...

Thanksgiving Interview with Jack Davis and Jay Hardwick

Jack Davis (18) interviews his Grandfather, Jay Hardwick (77), about his life. Jay talks about how he grew up in the 1940's and 1950's and what life was like during historical moments in time. He explains what the ecnonomy has...

All About Mia
February 25, 2024 App Interview

I interviewed Mia Reeves she is 20 years old. She is my girlfriend of over 3 years now, and we discussed some of the major good and bad things that have happened to her throughout her lifetime.

Katelyn Watts and Summer Watts

Katelyn Watts (12) Summer Watts (46) mother/daughter Interview about significant life event and resilience required to persevere.