LHP: Jasenko Rakanovic’s Immigration from Bosnia

Jasenko Rakanovic describes the process of immigrating from Bosnia to Croatia and to Germany before finally settling in America.

Austin Nelson and Michel G.

Austin [No name given] (42) from Kentucky and Michel [No name given] (50) from Belgium both moved to Atlanta, Georgia recently, and used their different backgrounds to discuss U.S. and world politics.

Tatjana Tadic Andrews and Svjetlana Tadic

Tatjana Tadic Andrews (28) talks with her mother, Svjetlana Tadic (49), about her experience leaving Bosnia in her 20s during civil war and coming to the US as a refugee. Svjetlana recalls first impressions of new foods she tried in...

Interview with Ahmed Jakupovic

With the person I interviewed I talked about there past life, struggles that occurred in there life, and there life today.

Dad’s Interview

My dad and I talked about things from his childhood, his war experience, and his life today.

Michael Urena interviewing, grandma, Rosie Zovko about life coming to America as a refugee.

Rosie Zovko talks about her life, growing up in a communist country, seeking refuge, and trying to find her place in this world. she talks about finding her husband through the dangerous path to find refuge. she then talks about...

The Great Thanksgiving

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Naida Hasanovic (15) interviews her mother, Enisa Slinic (55) about her childhood with her parents and who she looks up to. She shares what she considers some of her most...

Growing up in Yugoslavia

Safet Haseljic was born in Bosnia, Yugoslavia in 1960 and came to America as a refugee in the early 2000's. He talks about his childhood and shares some opinions and views in his very different lifestyles. #globalarizona #arizonastateuniversity #sgs101

Interview with Dad (Bosnian Veteran)

He has had a dark war history and explains the worst parts about it to me.