N. Garrett and Adrienne Landgraf

One Small Step partners N. Garrett (51) and Adrienne Landgraf (75) enjoy a conversation where they explore how they came into their political beliefs and act on their values. They find many similarities between them, including work in the juvenile...

Lisa Williams and Sharon Cooper

Lisa Williams (56) talks with her colleague Sharon Cooper (68) about her work in the military and the federal government, and how that influenced her work at Living Water, which provides refuge and resources to women and girls who are...

Shelda Washington and Laisha Washington

Shelda Washington (67) has a conversation with her daughter, Laisha Washington (40), about her childhood in New York, her education, and being a mom.

Getting to Know My Uncle

In this interview, I (R), Princy, is interviewing my uncle about his journey for being a dentist. I never knew I hard it was to become a dentist.

Susan Orloff, OTR/L, FAOTA: An occupational therapist & agent of change

Susan Orloff discusses her experiences as an OT since 1970, highlighting the great growth and development in the profession and reflects on the pioneers of occupational therapy