Ava Miller and Abbi Miller: A Daughter asking her Mother Questions about her Past
September 11, 2020 App Interview

Ava Miller (14) speaks with her Mother, Abbi Miller (36). They discuss about the Mothers past and as they go she gives advice and encouragement through the way.

War time with Jean Redington
December 1, 2020 App Interview

An interview with our grandmother about her time during WWII, taking the German generals to surrender, her work with UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, and meeting an American airman stationed in Frankfurt.

Job Career
January 13, 2023 App Interview

Talking about her job history. Where and when she worked. Wonder stories.

Ellen Ward-Packard and Chris Brookes

Friends Chris Brookes (74) and Ellen Ward-Packard (26) reminisce about their experiences as volunteers at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin.

Everett Bucklin and Donna Rhodes

Everett C. Bucklin [no age given] discusses his life of farming, fishing and growing up in the Alexandria New Hampshire area with Donna [No name given] [no age given].

Rich Fhaner and Nancy Nolan

One Small Step Conversation partners Rich Fhaner (42) and Nancy Nolan (62) talk about living as an immigrant, law enforcement and how both major US political parties have their issues.

Lucille Keegan and Martha Hulsman

Friends Lucille Keegan [no age given] and Martha Hulsman (60) talk about Martha's pottery business, 15 schools, being a caregiver and pet birds. Lucille talks about growing up in Bristol on a dairy farm and her father's interest in training...