Papa Lupis’ Stories, Part 1

I interviewed my father, Steve Lupis, who told me the story of how our family came to America, how my grandparents met, a bit about his childhood, and the stories of my and my sister’s births.

The person who means the world to me.

I decided to have a conversation with my bestfriend because our upbringing was a little weird but it led to her being my right hand man and sister.

Interviewing John Brosnan, my Dad

I talk with my dad about his life, his childhood, and how he got to where he is today.

My sister being a reliable source in my life

Ever since i was younger, my sister always done something to inspire me to keep moving forward and finding a better way for everything

Barry Stich and Harriet Stich

Barry Stich (57) interviews his mother, Harriet Stich (89), about her experiences growing up in the Bronx, the car accidents that she survived, about the family that was lost and gained, and finally, what brought her to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gertrude Appiah – Ackah and Comfort Appiah – Ackah

Comfort Appiah - Ackah talked about the barrier she faced in her life as an uneducated person. Not pursuing an education made her an introvert and made her fear going in the midst of people. Even though she still hasn't...

Nanny’s Memories of Life

From her marriages to her pets to much more, in this interview Nanny, my dad's mom, and I had a candid conversation about how her life has led up until this point. Beginning with more descriptive answers, Nanny illustrated the...

Stanley Riley and Adele Riley

Stanley Riley (31) talks with his mother, Adele Riley (59), about how COVID-19 has affected their lives, and why they chose to get vaccinated. They discuss their hopes for the Bronx and the importance of wellness.

Bryan Aburto interviews Julia Aburto his mom about Mis Raíces

In this interview conducted in bronx New York in September 2018 Bryan Aburto interview his mother Julia Aburto.Julia talks about her story as a child and how her life has changed throughout the years.

Azarias Reyes Interviews Angelo Barrales

Azarias Reyes talks to Angelo Barrales about his early childhood and the struggles that he faced throughout his life, as well as how he is doing during this pandemic.

Steve Sparr interview #1

We are in Ariella’s apartment and we open up the interview with questions about Steve’s grandparents. This interview focuses on Steve’s humble beginnings. Enjoy!

Conversations with Frank Pomposelli Sr. (3 of 3)
September 11, 2023 App Interview

Aaron Novy (27) talks with his grandfather-in-law, Frank Pomposelli Sr. (87) about his time serving as a P-47 Pilot in Europe during the final period of World War II, reentry to civilian life, playing baseball, meeting the love of his...

Background to the family

In this interview I had my mother answer some questions about some family history. According to her, her childhood was happy. She also was expressing some trials and tribulations that she encountered and accomplished throughout her lifespan. My mom says...

Okechukwu Osita and Nnenna Osita

Okechukwu Osita (14) interviews his older sister, Nnenna Osita (17) about her life.

HM1 Junior Perez

This interview takes a peak into the life of a Bronx sailor born and raised, and his journey through the United States Navy.

MHV history project

learning about a strange girl who struggle with school

Sidney Fiarman

We talked about my father’s experience as the child of Jewish immigrants who escaped World War II. He described growing up in an all-immigrant neighborhood in the Bronx in the 1930s.

Steve Sparr interview #3

Steve has made his way back to New York with his new partner, Dolores. They set up shop and decide to get married. Two girls follow and the rest is history!

Baer Family History with Inge & Irene

Inge Baer Corless and Irene Baer Friendly share their memories of childhood, escaping Nazi Germany, their mother Theresia’s failing health, a stay in a Catholic orphanage, the fate of their father Ernst’s family members who could not make it out...

Interviewing Angelina

Angelo’s ad I talked about how life was for her during covid, hw her life was before, and how it is now