Life as a premature baby

Gabby tells me how being born prematurely affects her life today.


We talked about my grandmas life growing up and getting married and starting a business.

Benjamin Randle and Adrianna Benson

Benjamin "Ben" Randle (73) speaks to his daughter, Adrianna Benson (46), about his service in the Vietnam War, the obstacles he faced when returning to society, how he his wife helped him to manage his triggers, and his current work...

COVID’s impact on teachers

The pandemic of the Coronavirus has impacted grade school students majorly and took a hard hit on those with physical and mental disabilities. Teachers are appreciated for their patience and kindness within and throughout these hard times.

Interview with grandpa

We talked about his early life and his life right now.

Tom Kearns and Emily Kearns

Tom Kearns (68) tells his daughter Emily Kearns (33) about his career as a carpenter and furniture maker, working for Ford Motor Company, living in Detroit after the 1967 rebellion, and his experience as a father.

Lamar Van Dyke, Paula Lewis, and Traci Lewis

Lamar Van Dyke (66), Paula Marie Lewis (70) and Traci Lewis (47) talk about their experiences as they relate to each other. Lamar is Traci's birth mother and Paula is Traci's adoptive mother. They talk about what their lives were...