Thanksgiving Interview: Betsy’s childhood

Betsy’s childhood growing up in the city, but also having the opportunity to help on her grandparents tobacco farm.


Mr.Hartley was a great person to interview because he's very interactive and If I had to do this in the future I would interview him again

Jason Kirchick and Terese Daigle

Jason (33) talks to Terese (52) who was his nurse while Jason fought for his life while being treated for the H1N1 flu virus (swine flu.)

Interview with Cameron

Cameron talks about his experiences with snowcross, and how he got into it.


I interviewed my bf. Just 2 guys shooting the breeze on a Thursday night

Interview with my grandpa

I ask him about when he was younger and my grandmother when they met.

Richard Lafayette and Nicole Hopkins

Richard Lafayette (85) speaks with his daughter Nicole Hopkins (54) about his life experiences.

Jane Ann Pippenger and Dagne Pippenger

Jane Ann Pippenger (81) talks to her granddaughter, Dagne Pippenger (16) about her time as a volunteer for a school in Michigan as a young woman.