An Interview With My Dad, Joesph Pass

Interviewing my father, Joesph Pass, about his life, his lessons, his greatest memories, and his love for God.

Bethany Synder and Kristian Maul

Spouses Bethany Snyder (40) and Kristian Maul (36) discuss being parents who are a lesbian and a transgender man, respectively. They discuss their decision to have a child, their journey to having their daughter, and how they view family.

The Miracle of Adoption

Before their two children, Luc Bourassa’s soon to be parents had to think of other ways to have the family they wanted. In November of 2017, 15 year-old Luc Bourassa interviewed his father, Louis Bourassa, to learn how he and...

Ava and her grandmother Popo, talk about Popo’s life.

In this interview, Ava and Popo talk about Popo's family. Ava is her Popo's grandmother on her mom's side. She is 13 and her Popo is 69. Ava learns more about where her family came from with new firsthand information.

Susan Allard and Michael Allard

Susan Allard (74) and her son Michael Allard (52) talk about the late John Allard, Susan's son and Michael's brother, who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child.

Interviewing my father(Jay Cox) about his life
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Jay Cox I (Bo Cox) talked about what Jay Cox was like as a child and what went on while he was growing up In Hydesville CA. A main part of this interview is when they discussed how Jay's time...

Interview with Mom

We discussed what I was like as a child and what advice she has for raising kids

Community-based Science and Capacity Building with NASA and the Navajo Nation

Dr. Amber McCullum is an Applied Research Scientist for the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) at NASA Ames who is currently co-developing a drought tool with the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources that includes remote sensing and ground-based...

LaVerne Ross and Robbie Jones

Friends and Santa Monica community members LaVerne Ross (78) and Robbie Jones (62) talk about LaVerne's rich history in Santa Monica as a community activist, prominent and trusted master-cosmetologist, and a spearhead of the Juneteenth celebration in Santa Monica.

Prabha Gutheti and Kerri Feazell

Prabha V. Gutheti (71) talks with her friend, Kerri Feazell (31), about the Los Angeles Term Program, religion and life lessons she's gathered along the way.

Georgia Maeshima and Norman Maeshima

Georgia Maeshima (51), shares along with husband Norman Maeshima (56), the story of their engagement and all the twists and turns of it.

Erin tells how she came to have such long hair…

Erin tells the tales of her traumatic childhood hair events that lead to her having such long hair, the changes her hair has under gone, and how she sees hair as a big part of her identity through her photography...

Kathleen Benjamin and Daniel Alonzo

Kathleen Benjamin (62) talks with her childhood and lifelong friend Daniel Alonzo (62) about their respective childhoods growing up in Santa Monica. The friends talk about how Santa Monica has changed throughout the years, as well as Daniel's artistic endeavors.

“I think that this, this is my home”

Within this interview, conducted January 2018 in Boulder Creek, California, Samuel English (17) discusses life and the effects of immigrating to the United States as an independent German citizen with his mother, Andrea Rosa English (49). Mrs. English recollects some...

Herminia Magcale tells her granddaughter Sophia Magcale about her life in the Philippines and in the U.S.

Herminia Magcale speaks about her family life while living in Dizon, Philippines. From her childhood to her current daily life, she covers a few points in her life that have impacted her and struggled with. Additionally, she includes how she...

Anna Dapelo-Garcia and Erica Dapelo-Garcia

Anna Dapelo-Garcia (55) speaks with her daughter, Erica Dapelo-Garcia(28), about the struggles they faced growing up, their first loves and biggest influences. Anna shared her love and hopes for Erica and future grandchildren.

My interview with Marlenni Hernandez

In this interview we talked about one of her favorite memories of me which was very funny. We also talked about her love life and her marriage. We talked about the jobs she’s held before and what she’s doing now.

Stephanie Perron and Rory Caygill-Walsh

Rory Caygill-Walsh (42) and Stephanie Perron (41) describe each other as one another's "person." They talk about the support they've shown one another and discuss the meaning of loss and grief.