Merideth Wieland and Anita "June" Jeung

Merideth Wieland (54) talked with her Auntie June (Anita Jeung) (96) about June's childhood and family (Chong), including Merideth's father Wilbur Chong. June takes them out at the end with a song.

Faiez interviews his mom about coming to America which changed her life completely

Faiez Mahmood(16) interviews Shazia Sarwar(mom), talk about Shazia’s childhood and her experience coming to America that impacted her life in so many ways. This interview was conducted on January 9, 2023 in Canton Michigan.

Suzana and Audrey

We talked about Suzana's life in Macedonia and her experience moving to the U.S. We then talked about her life in the U.S. so far.

StoryCorps Part 1

Donna talks a whole lot about her childhood before the app crashes.

Francesca Mitrano’s interview with Dale Jensen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

This interview takes place on Wednesday, November 17th at 2:15pm, in Canton, MI. Francesca Mitrano (20) interviews her grandma, Dale Jensen (73), for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Dale Jensen recounts her experiences growing up as the youngest sibling and...

Son Asks Father On Growing Up in the UK

Ustat Nihal Singh (14) asks Mandeep Singh Rai (43) about his early childhood. He also asks about sacrifices that we’re made for him and how that shaped him as a person.

Freshman Nadia Sinaph Interviews Muslim Scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili About His Journey

Nadia Sinaph, a freshman at Canton High School, interviews close family friend and scholar Shaykh Burhan Fili about his life experiences. Shaykh Burhan escaped from a communist Albania in the 1970s and made it to the United States later on....

Ximena Murillo Islas interviews grandfather Wilfrido Alejandro Murillo Garcia

Ximena Murillo Islas (15) interviews grandfather Wilfrido Alejandro Murillo Garcia (77) on January 10th, 2023, about his childhood and school experiences, and how it led to him becoming a teacher. The interview is in Spanish, as they are both from...

Cynthia Peak Hoffmann and Terrin Hoffmann Gamboa

Cynthia Peak Hoffmann and Terrin Hoffmann Gamboa tell the story of the Peak family in El Paso, Texas, including the stories of John W. Peak and Grace Edith Peak (the owners of the first funeral home in El Paso) and...

How Grandpa Donald met Grandma Pat

Donald North age 92 answers questions from Charlene North age 51 about how he met his wife.

Getting to Know my Future Sister-in-Law.

Today I sit down and talk to my soon to be sister in law and we talk on several different topics. Some include her religious beliefs, when she knew my brother was the one, and advice she would give her...

Talking with Mimi

In this interview, a grandson interviewed his grandmother about life, memories, and lessons!

My mother’s Major medical issues

How my moms childhood was in the hospital and what she did outside of the hospital.

"Truth and Love are the solution…" Suzanne Lewis-Johnson & Nichole Terrett discuss their work in the fight against human trafficking.

Nichole Terrett, 32, and Suzanne Lewis-Johnson, friends and colleagues at RAHAB Ministries discuss how their lives brought them into the work against human trafficking, truth & justice and how healthy relationships are one of the most important change-makers for victims...

Learn About My Mom

Today I interviewed my mom about her past life. Along with some funny stories about her family and childhood.

Trinh Jones and Tim Jones

Spouses, Trinh Jones (59) and Tim Jones (58), talk about their contrasting childhoods in Saigon, Vietnam and Troy, Missouri, as well as the shared values that bring them together. They also reminisce about their early relationship, raising their two sons,...