My Grandma

In this recording, I talk with my grandma Oliva about her past when she lived in Mexico and her upcoming to now living in Chicago with almost her whole family. I also talk about her struggles and her accomplishments and...

Thomas Sarris’s Childhood

I interviewed my dad and we discussed some of his childhood moments.

My dad

Me and my dad talk a lot about his past and all the sports he played what he did with his friends and he told about how my grandma was like and stories about his past I think this interview...

Veronica Chudoba and her dad Greg

Veronica asking her dad (Greg) about his job and what he does at ComEd.

Don Losey

Talking with Grandpa by the fire on Thanksgiving Day

“Unlicensed therapy dog”

My mom was going through a rough patch in her life, and she rescued a dog but in the end the dog rescued my mom

East meets West: The Rise of a Great Man

We talked about how he immigrated to the US from Pakistan alone when he was 16 years old and has learned many important life lessons. He powered through the hard times in life and has become an amazing, kind, and...

Everything is Achievable

An interview with my mother as she describes what it was like coming to America and what the “American Dream” is to her.

Interview with Randy and Suzanne Irby

Interview was taken in Oxford Mississippi on November 21st of 2018. Randy and Suzanne Irby (my grandparents) are a married couple with lots of stories about them. Even before they were married! The explain things such as when/where they were...

Dr.Jose Castro-Urioste and his son talk about his first thoughts on the United States and his experience with 9/11

In this interview, conducted on November 25th, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas Humberto Castro-Hurmpfner(15) interviews Dr. Jose Castro-Urioste (56) about the United States. He first shares about coming to the United States and how he first felt about it. Next...

Rahman Thomas interviewing his wonderful mother, Bilquis Thomas, about her life

Bilquis begins with a powerful message for listeners. She continues on to detail her history with her family, and her childhood experiences. She then transitions towards her experience with her own immediate family. Bilquis reflects on her aspirations as an...

Yasmín González

She mostly talked about her dad being a very strong man and taking care of her family. Her and her mom watch movies every New Year on her mother’s birthday. Her mother passed away when she was 15 years old....

My Dad’s Story

I am interviewing my dad and asking him about his life and being a parent.

Living with a big family
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Cynthia was 1 out of 12 children and this is a small part of her story.

Dad’s childhood and school experience

This interview consists of my father’s childhood and his school experience as a teenager when he just immigrated here to the U.S from Mexico

An Interview with Thelma
November 29, 2017 App Interview

My grandma has always had stories about growing up in Kansas City and the culture shock of moving to Chicago. So I wantes to hear more about her experiences

Como fue la Vida de Mi Mama

We were taking about how life was for my mom as a teenager not having much money and being able to have all the normal resources. By not being to fortunate it led to her not being able to continue...

Still growing up

We talked about how my brother been doing in school, like what type of things he enjoys doing as well as trying to achieve great in life after his high school graduation.