Moms interview

My mom summarized her life story from her childhood to her teenage years. She talks about what she had to leave back when she made the choice of going to the U.S from Mexico.

Christmas for my Abuelita

Asking my Abuelita about her Christmas as a kid in Mexico.

The big listen

Michelle Bear is a project manager at an architecture firm in Saint Louis. She also works out of offices in Chicago and Toronto and has spent much of her career traveling to places like Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, France, and many...

My grandma

I did a total of 23 questions where my grandma talks about her childhood life, where she grew up, and how she met my grandpa.Also memories of myself and my father, aunt, and uncle

Mom interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I discussed with my mom about her life as a kid, important people in her life, and her romance with my dad

Interview 1

I speak with my grandfather about his past and his greatest memories.

The Night Jorge Called

Photo is from the “meeting at the park” referenced in the story. Full story at

Abel Naranjo and his sister Abigail Naranjo reflect on life experiences and relationship as siblings

Abel Naranjo and his older sister Abigail Naranjo discuss Abigail’s life as a child and how she has developed into the person she is now. Abigail discusses her life as a child and reflects on people in her life who...

The Life of the Amazing Juan Alvarez

Life in Mexico and Chicago for my godfather, Juan Alvarez, was never easy and he was brought up with a hard work ethic that helped him get to where he is today in life. Family, things that make you happy,...

Rosalia Melendez and Karen Melendez

In this interview my mom talks about moving from place to place. Also how her life changed when she moved to the United States. She also talks about her childhood in Mexico.

Israel Salgado

In this interview, Israel talks about his experience as an immigrant and what it’s like being here in the United States. It’s a short interview because he is difficult about opening up and showing his feelings.

My Grandma

In this recording, I talk with my grandma Oliva about her past when she lived in Mexico and her upcoming to now living in Chicago with almost her whole family. I also talk about her struggles and her accomplishments and...

“We have a lot of history from different directions.”

Blanca Rodríguez Valtierra is interviewed by her 17 year old granddaughter Stefi de la Torre. From early childhood struggles with learning English to a terrible flood incident, Blanca uncovers several family stories.

Arianna Hermosillo & Irakere Picon

“It is a very specific cloud hanging over us. It just feels like we’re at pause.” Irakere Picon, an immigration lawyer who often represents undocumented immigrants — and happens to be an undocumented immigrant himself — talks with his wife,...

Interviewing my uncle (social studies hw)

I would be talking to my uncle and we are going to talk about his childhood

Mom and daughter

We talked about her life and traditions and what she wanted to do when she was older. She also told me about her happiest moments in life like when she got married and the birth of her 3 daughters.

Fathers memories

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois Karina Sanchez (17) interviews her father Rafael Sanchez (41) about his life and many other things. I ask my father stuff about past moments and what was high school like...

Father’s Story

Growing up Claudio always had questions to ask about his father, he ask questions he never knew about. Claudio’s father tell Claudio to look at life and don’t worry about what others say. That’s his side of his Hispanic story

Sonia’s Interview

Sonia talks about her experience when she left Mexico to como to the US to find a future.

Dad interview

From this interview I learned about how my dad went to many catholic schools and was a good friend. I also learned about his many dreams for art and that he liked volunteering for many things when growing up. Sadly...

My mom and I lol

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Efren Carreño (18) interviews his mother Maria Cardona (45) about her childhood in the country she was born