History Project – Joy Brook

In this interview, I'm talking to my grandmother on my mother's side. We mainly talked about her parents and grandparents.

Angel and Jacka, Dec 2017

Angel left his assignment to the last minute, and I helped him out.

Easter Listen: Double G Edition

This interview consists of questions about my great-grandmother’s childhood and experiences.

Coaching experience with deriek lawless

Summarizing Juan carlos coaching career and also goals accomplished with athletes he has coached

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I asked my grandmother, Dianne Taylor, questions about her husband, childhood, jobs, and her family.

Great thanksgiving listen 11/23/17

Me and my uncle takes about his military life and mainly what he did in his childhood.

Britney Mondragon and Jonathan Jacka

Britney asked me to share thoughts on my past as part of her English project

Interview with Dad

I asked about his previous jobs, childhood, teenage years, and traditions.

Talking with my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood and raising kids.

In this interview, conducted on Saturday November 25,2017 in Chicago Illinois.I Yasmin Jones interviewed my mom Brittani Lewis about her childhood, a little bit of adulthood and raising me. She tells me what she thinks of raising kids. And the...

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma

I asked my Grandma a series of questions about her life and what it is like to be a moral woman

Harold Kooden PhD for Stonewall Outloud (Part 1)

One of the first openly gay psychologists in the country, who helped to create the first network of LGBT health professionals and mobilize the gay community during the AIDS crisis.

New Media project

Brief interview with my friend Vanessa Sanchez about the Covid-19 virus and how it has affected her daily life

Interesting stories from Mrs. Becker

Mrs. Becker was a pastors wife and the church was a big part of her life. Also women’s rights was a big part of her life, her grandmother was the important person that influenced her. Mrs. Becker had interesting answers...

Craig Robitaille life

Craig grew up in Chicago, learning from life from a dad who served in the Korean War and he lived in a generation through the Vitenam war. We aslso discussed the adoption process of his children and the stereotyping of...

Joey Koontz

Joey talks about his childhood and life experiences and lessons he’s learned.

Grandma Fern
December 4, 2019 App Interview

My mom and I talk about my Grandmother Fern, someone I never got to meet.