interview with my mom

This interview is done with my mom and we talk about the pandemic, growing up, and school

I’ve Lived a Lucky Life

Granddaughter and Grandmother talk about stories from living through enormous changes in our world, such as the Women's and the Civil Rights movements. And stories from childhood in the 50's, living in a ever expanding world.

Interview with my dad

This is a interview with my dad about his life and experience.

Interview with my grandma

This interview took place on December 1st 2019 at my grandmothers house in Reno Nevada. We talked about her high school experience. This led into a conversation about her travels during these years and her time in college. She talks...


We talked about how my mother came to America and what she was grateful for and how she went to college.

The Great Thanksgiving Listing

We talked about what it was like for my grandpa growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Basically I interviewed my mom about working and about religion. The interview took about 15 minutes.

The Truth

Throughout the interview,that took place on November 25th in Chicago Illinois. Jayla Hicks who is 17 year old interviewed her grandmother Gwendolyn Miller who is 60 years old about her childhood. Mrs.Miller shares a story about her sister getting kidnapped...

Richard Speck (Murderer) attack survivor (Chicago Massacre)

Robert Speck was an infamous serial killer who broke into a nursing home in Chicago, Illinois. He raped and killed all nurses but one... Corazon Amuroa. She saved herself by hiding under a bed. This interview is more about her...

Dave and Maureen’s Love Story (01/08/23)

This love story of David Island (1931) and Maureen Munger Island (1948), married in 1970 was recorded on Sunday, January 8, 2023 in Battleground, Washington by their son, Tom Island.

Kids, college, and challenges oh my!

We mainly talked about life and the components, what has made everything worth while.

Stories with Mrs. Messeri

Mrs. Messerli chats about her life and how family matters most to her. This leads us to many other topics such as religion, childhood, school, and many more.

The Beautiful Life of Louis Boyd

My grandmother was like any other child. She loved to do many fun things in her life. Despite some obstacles in her life she always found the beauty of the event. She is a fighter who has survived breast cancer...

My Grandma

How my grandma started in the early days.Also some important times.