Joan Brody & Carole Bass Joan's recollections of going to summer school with Emmett Till during the summer of 1955.

Joan Brody (Schaumburg, IL, 70s) & Carole Bass (Evanston, IL, 70s), good friends, talk about Joan's experiences as a young girl in Chicago during the summer of 1955 when she attended summer school with Emmett Till, and the follow-up years...

Sofia Hryhorasz, Anna Cirilli and Lida Nedilsky

Valedictorian Sofia Hryhorasz (13) and Principal Anna Cirilli (45) of St. Nicholas Cathedral School recount to Lida (51) what it was like to go remote on Friday the 13th of March and emerge for in person learning in August of...

Motria Melnyk, Adrienne Kochman and Lida Nedilsky

Together, Motria (69) and Adrienne (59) tell Lida (51) the origin story of the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, its development as a political statement, cultural fixture, and educative vehicle, as well as the teamwork needed to emerge after COVID

Oksana Ambroz and Lida Nedilsky

Businesswoman Oksana (63), behind It's Oksana design studio, instructs Lida (51) in the appreciation of flax fiber, linen fabric and embroidered rushnyky essential for good living and a healthy planet

Orest Sosnivka and Lida Nedilsky

Orest (28) --whose name comes from Greek mythology and carries the weight of others' stories-- tells Lida (51) of his journey to Ukrainian Village and the adventures that have defined his life ever since

Wayne Haines – My life history.

Wayne Haines: 2022-01-22 21:52:15. Interview done at 1505 Walnut Street Dallas Center. Daughter Susan Haines was present during the interview.

Asal Amiri and Mikaila Flagg

Friends, Asal Amiri (18) and Mikaila Flagg (20), talk about Asal's migration journey to the United States and the challenges that followed.

A Cultural Conversation: Health Care Equity and Access in a Pandemic

Emergency nurse Donnella James, RN (51) and New York Times best-selling author Mikki Kendall (43) discuss how the current social climate and the revelation of health care disparities affect emergency departments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nana Pip and Amy

Diane Lewen (71), also known as Nana Pip, talks with her Goddaughter, Amy (17) about her experience living in the 1960s in the United States of America.

2020 experience interview – Jasmin Ramirez

Jasmin Ramirez: 2021-01-02 22:04:59. I interviewed Yeimi Alday she is my friend/classmate and she is 13 years old. In our interview, we discussed the BLM movement and how it affected her, coronavirus, school, family, and much more.

Hollie Rogin and Alan Rogin discuss overcoming adversity

Hollie Rogin, 52, interviews her father, Alan Rogin, 81 about the effects of him spending 9 months in a full body cast at the age of 16, due to post-polio syndrome, and how to overcome the challenges of isolation during...

Camilla Blain Discusses Politics and Historical Events in Her Lifetime

In this interview, Camilla Blain, a rancher in Crane, Texas, discusses her humble beginnings on a farm in Mason, Texas and her perspective on world changing events as they unfolded in her small town. Throughout the decades, Camilla discusses various...

Lialia Kuchma and Lida Nedilsky

Lialia (77) demonstrates to Lida (51) how her parents' example --not only of community service but appreciation of beauty-- is expressed in the many artworks she has woven, painted, photographed and printed during her life as a Ukrainian Villager