Interview with Mom

We discussed what I was like as a child and what advice she has for raising kids

Interview with Jake Larabee

I Interviewed Jake Larabee about his life. We talked about growing up in Chico, his family, his job and a little bit about himself.


I talked with Dhara about her experience with Lyme disease and everything she has learned in the process.

Living in Paradise. . . California

Living in Paradise is usually thought of as a tropical place, sitting by the beach, and relaxing. For Bryan Hawkins, it is a small mining town in Northern California. In November of 2018, 17 year-old Johnny Hawkins interviews his father,...

Matt Bongiovanni Interview by Ashley Hallen (Trider)

Interview w/ Matt Bongiovanni on October 26, 2017 by Ashley Hallen in Chico, CA

The Luis Velasco

For Alicia Triders History 10 class, interview with my friend and coworker Luis

Interview with mom

Brief interview of my moms life and what she’s done then and now

This is a conversation on David's front porch with his neighbor and good friend, Gary.

David Wesley(57) interviewed Gary Banta (68). David and Gary are neighbors in Kansas City, Missouri. Gary talked about growing up in Walnut Creek, CA. and moving to Kansas City. We also discussed LGBTQ, and faith.

Interview with Darleen Sowers

This is an interview with my mom for a school project and for myself within the future.

An Inside Look to My Sister’s Life- Oral History Project

This interview included questions about the past, growing up, and family memories that we both experienced.

Immigration Experience (part 2)

An interview with professor, Dr. Arreguín Bermúdez about his immigration experience, being undocumented in the United States and eventually opening up his own business.