Charles Irestone and Georges de Giorgio

Charles "Chuck" Irestone (52) talks with his friend Georges de Giorgio (91) about his most memorable sailing adventures, the Antarctic expedition he completed, and the famous friends he's made.

Gabrielle Azar-Levin and Philip Azar

Philip Azar (52) interviews his mother Gabrielle Azar-Levin (73) about her family and her life, particularly her younger years in Tehran, Iran.

"Speak the truth in love is not the worst advice…" – Ben Brazil shares stories of travel, writing, politics and the people of Richmond, IN

If you struggle with the current political climate (especially the public discourse), take a listen to Ben's interview. Learn about his early life, his path to Richmond, religion, and his career/projects. He also talks about the way he navigates current...

Alejandra Cano and Nestor Gomez

Alejandra Cano (45) is interviewed by her new friend Nestor Gomez (47) about her present after overcoming drug addiction, being affected by depression throughout her life, and her experience as the daughter of Chilean exiles who escaped the Pinochet dictatorship.

Abraham Brawer, Lynnette Brawer, and Todd Paler

Abraham Brawer (83) talks with his daughter and son-in-law Lynnette Brawer (47) and Todd Paler (47) about life in Nazi Occupied Europe, his journey to Israel where he worked on kibbutzes and served in the military,his immigration to South America...

R. Carolina Reyes and Daniel Reyes

Carolina Reyes (42) and her husband Daniel Reyes (47) share memories of starting their lives as a young couple in Seattle, starting a bilingual childcare center, and also discuss how COVID-19 has impacted their business and family.

Javier Rodriguez and Leslie Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez (26) and his wife Leslie Rodriguez (25) talk about meeting while in college, their engagement, and their multiple marriages. Javier is from Chile and Leslie from the US, so they had weddings in both places.

Caroline Palmer and Beatriz Menanteau

Friends and colleagues Beatriz Menanteau [no age given] and Caroline Palmer (53) talk about their shared work at Safe Harbor in Minnesota and how they got involved with anti-trafficking work within the public health sector. Together, they discuss the implementation...

Ines Alicea talks about the COVID pandemic, the highs and lows

Ines Alicea: 2024-01-30 23:06:39, Ines Alicea spoke by herself about going through her first ever pandemic and the challenges of dealing with two elderly parents in their 90s getting COVID early on and how difficult it was to get the...

Tyler Walker and Katie McCarthy

Katie McCarthy (27) speaks to her brother-in-law, Tyler Walker (24), about how they came to be apart of each other's lives. After Katie's father passed away in high school she began living with Tyler's family. Tyler also reflects on his...