My mom’s experiences and her views.

My Mom and I sat in my room and talked about her experiences with immigrating to America from Taiwan and the path she took to get here. My Mom along with her younger siblings all came to America to seek...

Grandma Bee and Rhonda

Grandma Bee and Rhonda discussed Bee's memories of her marriage and some of Rhonda's childhood. Stories include how Bee and Everett met at the Old-Fashioned Girtherin', the fire at Christian Family Circle, and her first house with Everett in Claremont.

From Low to High

This interview is about a woman who grew up in a rougher neiborhood and worked her way into College.

Matthew Cullen interviews his grandpa, Bernie about his life.

In this interview, made on November 23, 2017, Matthew Cullen (13) interviews his dad's dad name Bernie Cullen (81) about his childhood, his marriage, his children, his grandchildren, and other aspects of his life. Bernie revealed many things to Matthew...

Todd tells Merry about growing up during the Cold War.

Todd was born in 1948 and grew up in White Plains, NY. He recounts being a child during the tensions like the arms race between Americans and Soviets. Merry is his daughter, trying to understand the impact of the Cold...

Distancing-for a good purpose

Anna Jiang is a current 7th grader who had been affected by the ongoing social distancing that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic

StoryCorps Project Final

I’ve interviewed my mom who is teacher and I asked her questions of how COVID19 is effecting my mom.

My moms journey to California

I asked my mom why she made The journey to California from Texas.