The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mom on things that she is most grateful for, and for things she has learned

Lesia Daniel-Hollingshead and William Daniel

Siblings Lesia Daniel-Hollingshead (52) and Walter Daniel (48) talk about taking over their family's skating rink and child care center, share what they learned from their parents, and reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on their business and community.

Civita Schilling and Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling (56) shares a conversation with his mother, Civita Schilling (83), about Civita’s childhood in Utica, New York, her grandfather’s bakery, her experience in high school, and her passion for singing.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about her life when she was young and what her grandparents were like. I learned a lot about her in this interview.

Geo Hw

We mainly talked about her relationship with my grandpa and how it still amazes her to this day.

My Grammas Story

My gramma and her story of growing up!

Rosie interviews Grandpa Bruce Friedrich

Rosie Friedrich (14) talks with her Grandpa Bruce Friedrich (84) about growing up in Bessie, OK. Grandpa Bruce shares stories about his "Trigger Club", where no girls were allowed, and other tales from his childhood in western Oklahoma.

Interviewing my mom

I interviewed my mom, Brandy Beckman, about her life and how she grew up. She talked about how so many things he a great impact on her life and who she is today. She is an amazing person and a...

Rosie Friedrich interviews her Grandpa Bruce about his family

Rosie Friedrich interviews her Grandpa Bruce Friedrich about his childhood in Bessie and Clinton, OK. Grandpa Bruce shares stories of his father's 6 siblings, and all of the cousins that he grew up with. He tells Rosie that he and...