Student Sasha Nizamova and Teacher Jeffery Kohls discuss education and generational differences.

Jeffery Kohls, and 8th Grade teacher in the Denver Metro Area and Sasha Nizamova, a gifted and talented 8th grade student have an after school discussion on May 10th, 2019. Mr.Kohls shares his views about teaching as a middle school...

Amy Coulliette and Richard Allen

Amy Coulliette (51) interviews her father, Richard Allen (70), about his childhood in the Tunas, Missouri, his experience serving in the U.S. Navy, his retirement in the Ozarks region, and the characters that he has met along the way.

Fat Albert in the pond, Ted Mullin – 9/17/17

Fisherman Ted Mullin remembers the big brook trout, Fat Albert, and his pond in Colorado.

Gloria Mattson and Sandy Martin

One Small Step conversation partners Gloria Mattson (69) and Sandy Martin (78) discuss gender and sexual identity, gun control, access to mental health services, racism, illegal immigration, sources of media and news, Donald Trump and the January 6th Insurrection, and...

Jan Claussen and Amber Rotramel

Jan Claussen (76) shares with her friend Amber Rotramel (33) the story of how she began to tutor a young boy named Vincent, teaching him how to read and write so that he could enroll in the first grade.

Wisdom from My Father

A conversation between Minnaar (Fiks) Schlüntz Nel and daughter Heidi Nel, on the heels of his 85th birthday about life lessons, how he hopes to be remembered, and his advice for the generations to come. Fiks has lived with a...

Karuna Schwartz and Joan Rudnitzki

Friends Karuna Schwartz (48) and Joan Rudnitzki (74) talk about non-profit work and the importance of mindfulness practices, especially following the pandemic.

Mazie Canyon White and George D. Halls

Grandfather George D. Halls (88) and granddaughter Mazie Canyon White (27) discuss George's long and storied life.

Circle of life-death

This is an interview with open ended questions based off of the topic of grief. Since I had lost someone close to me, I wanted to see what others perspectives were and what they believed in. So I asked my...

Great Depression and Farm Life

I interviewed my 96 year old Grandmother and discussed her childhood, including her school life and what the great depression entailed.

Hannah Minkler and Nathaniel Winkler

One Small Step conversation partners Hannah Minkler (31) and Nathaniel "Nate" Winkler (38) discus how their politics have been affected by the way they were raised, and the complexity of issues.

Susan Canaday Henry and Naomi Love

Naomi Love (27) interviews her new friend Susan Canaday Henry (48) about getting over her arachnophobia, her career, her relationship with art, her childhood, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.


We talked about how she was as a child and her favorite activity growing up. It was very interesting.

The Importance of Family

A grandfather remembers his childhood through his experiences with his family, economic times and traumatic memories. He talks about his high school career and challenges he faced. Then he reminisced on meeting the love of his life along with early...

“Life is about going forward into the future, not looking back into the past.”

Beyanka Vong, born in Vietnam, talks about the struggles she had faced throughout her childhood and her many different experiences. She constantly traveled around at a young age due to her parents' divorce and eventually led to her journey with...

family, past, and future.

family history, moving around a lot, camping with no food, olympic grandfathers, infatuation with cars, respectful legacy.


This is the story of when my dad, John Ryan was working as a manager at his high school job at Popeyes and the store was robbed.

Gina Livingston and Decio Rubano

Gina Livingston (40) interviews her father Decio "Dez" Rubano (91) about the role playing drums in bands and orchestras has had in his life, and Dez relates many stories about the interesting experiences he has had as a result of...

Becky Kosley and Cindy Henry

Becky Kosley (65) interviews her sister Cindy Henry (66) about their family’s migration to the United States from Slovakia, the closeness of their family, and their family’s military service.