Great Nanny 11.24.2016

My Thanksgiving interview with my 86th year old Great Grandmother.

Interviewing my Grandparents

Today I interviewed my grandparents, Lawrence Arena and Carolyn Arena. They’re married and have lived a long and happy life and I talked to them about that life and the impact they want to have had on the world around...

Chicken Bog with my food elder

Learn about a favorite recipe of mine in this fun interview about chicken bog!

Robert Adkins Brown Part 4 1970s and early 80s.

Bob talks with Kaya, Ken and Karen about time with Sue and kids in Dallas, Tacoma Park, and Columbia Maryland in the 70s and early 80s. Memories of kids growing up and professional accomplishments.

Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein

Friends and colleagues, Rita Blank (71) and Barbara Goldstein (63), reflect on how being children of Holocaust survivors has affected their lives and perspectives and discuss their work at the Holocaust Education Resource Council.

Sarah Gibson and Humberto Perdomo

Humberto Perdomo (74) speaks with his daughter Sarah Gibson (29) about his life growing up in Columbia and his coming to United States.

Clint McGuire and Miranda Lund

Clint McGuire (56) interviews his longtime friend, Miranda Lund (43), about her experiences as a student in the USC Aiken theatre department, and how it led to her creating an Instagram account devoted to cosplay.

Columbia to New Ulm

Juan grew up in Columbia and moved to the United States when he was 12. He is a college student, studying to be a pastor.


Two friends share memories of a friendship spanning 33 years, multiple states, marriages, kids, and cancer.

Interview with Lynn Smoker

Riley Greenberg interviews her grandfather, Lynn Smoker. He talks about growing up in Columbia, PA, and about his achievements in life. Many memories and stories are shared.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with William Stambaugh and Margret Stewart

In this interview on November 25th 2018 in Westfairview, Pennsylvania I interview my great grandmother Margaret Stewart (93) about her overall life experiences. Margaret talks about her relationship with her husband, what her grandparents were like, what it was like...

Shirlene Anderson and Linda Parrish

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), Linda Parrish (67) has a conversation with her friend Shirlene Anderson (67) about their time serving together on the CVC and about Shirlene being its founder and first...

Thanksgiving Listen

This is a short interview of Vernice Lacy, 73, from Washington DC. It was conducted by Madison Harris for The Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview was focused on life and growing up.

Week 3

I conducted an interview with my sister about her career.

A quick chat with Momma

In this interview I picked my moms brain and found out how she really feels about her marriage, our family, and life itself.

Grandma Betita’s life

Overall, I found out many interesting things about my Grandma that I hadn't known before. I am so fortunate to have had this opportunity to find out more about my family history and ancestry.

Christa Mulder and Katie Spellman

Katie Spellman (36) speaks with her mentor and collaborator, Christa Mulder (no age given), about their relationship, their pathways in science, what makes for a good mentor and collaborator, and what they have learned from each other.

Sociology Final

Interview with my papa on his life in the military

Sarah Gibson and Patricia Perdomo

Patricia "Patty" Perdomo (62) speaks with her daughter Sarah Gibson (29) about growing up, attending high school in Boston and meeting her future husband eight days after arriving in the USA.

Jessica Lee Am. Studies Interview- Columbia

I speak with my friend Sara, who move here from Columbia, about her experience.