Introduction to Grandpa Smith

Grandpa Smith’s reflections on work ethic…… what it was for him and the mind set for being a good worker.

Dakota Kidd: An Online Enigma

In this interview I question Dakota Kidd, an online content creator for the youtube platform, various questions about his content. The interview helps us dive into the psyche of this fairly-popular content creator, known by his online alias Pzuh, and...

Story Of A Highschool Science Teacher

In this interview I am interviewing my science teacher, Mr. Strass on his time teaching at our school ETA (Eagle Tech Academy). I interview him about his time teaching and what his personal philosophies are concerning teaching.

ETA Counselor

In this interview, conducted on December 12, 2017, in Columbia City, Indiana. Mason Kumfer (17) inter views Cristina Rider about how she became a counselor, and her thoughts about the school system she works in.

Mechanical Fascination.

In this interview I sit down with my older brother. We talk about his fascination of computers, and other computer related things.

What’s different about CC?

Crystal Mitchell and Jennifer Salesman talk about how CC has changed over time

The Senior Life at ETA

Caleb Binkley is a senior at Eagle Tech Academy and is graduating this year. Caleb discusses his experience at Eagle Tech Academy and his plans for the future.


My mom talks about adapting to her first dog and how she decided to get I‎t.

Margaret talks her mom Charmin in Columbia city IN

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017 in columbia city, IN maggie gillard Interviews her mom about her life growing up, and what she wishes for her daughter in the future. And how her and her brother relationship was...

The career of Andy More

An interview with my dad about his career and how he got to where he is. This covers his experiences and his job. He goes in depth about what his role is at his job and how he built his...

Joseph cash and his farther Robert have a discussion of the life of being a pilot and being a father.

In an interview that was made near thanksgiving on November 22 2017. A tenaager by the name of Joseph asks his father the hard questions that he has never asked before. His father talks about how it was when he...