The Polio Epidemic
October 21, 2017 App Interview

Beverly Johannes talks about how the Polio Epidemic affected her personally.

Career prep interview

This is my career prep interview with my grandma. I asked her a couple of questions about her childhood and some memories.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was about my cousin Yusuf

S01: Ep9: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Erica Crawley, who is running for Ohio State Rep. in District 26 in November 2018.

The best role models know when to listen, when to offer advice and when to throw down a challenge that can inspire you for the rest of your life. Welcome to the ninth installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for...

Michael and Michaela; 3 year

This is me asking Mike questions about himself and our relationship.

The Story Of My Moms Life

This Story Corp was about my mother that had came to America and talks about her experiences.

Remembering the Space Shuttle Colombia

Discusses the Space Shuttle Colombia that disintegrated while reentering the atmosphere in 2003.

Patrick’s story

many different aspects of Patrick’s life were discussed. He discussed some of his strengths and weaknesses and how he used those things to make a difference in his life and other peoples lives

Getting to know my mom

I didn’t really stick with one single theme; I mostly kept to questions that seemed interesting to me. My mother talks about how she met my dad, fads and religion.

Interview with My Super Cool Grandma

My grandma and I talked about her life growing up and what she wants future generations to remember when they grow up and face struggles in their lives.

Sunday’s coffee with mom

The conversation about our life stories in a sunday afternoon.

Mitchell and Nancy talk about the John F. Kennedy assassination. “I really felt like I knew him.”

Nancy describes her emotions after the attack happened. She was only a kid, so at the time she wasn’t impacted too much. Now that she looks back, she understands the significance of the attack and how this was the spark...