The Blizzard Of 1978

We talked about the Blizzard of 1978 Ana d how it affected my grandfather

My Grandmothers Thanksgiving Interview

My Grandmother and I explore the suggested questions for the thanksgiving listen, and have a wonderful conversation in the process.

FYS Interview about the theme of Legacy with my grandma Deborah by Miranda McCabe

My grandmother and I spoke about her life experiences and how they incorporated themselves into the person she is today. I had no idea that she had so many memories. She is currently going through chemo and so she might...

Marie Dunbar and Bill Dunbar

Spouses, Marie Dunbar (45) and Bill Dunbar (62), explain what it means to be practicing Seventh-Day Adventists Christians, discuss the role God plays in their daily lives, and share stories about their most memorable spiritual experiences.

Dana Austin and Jeffery Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Austin (68) and Jeffrey Jones (65) discuss their military service, the media they've produced, raising their children, and communication.

Janet and Zoe discuss preparing for the climate emergency
March 13, 2020 App Interview

In this interview, Janet and I talk about her past experiences with climate change and how her past experiences have shaped how she is preparing for the climate emergency. We discuss what measures she has taken in the past, what...

“People remember the simple human touch.”

(Photo by Ryan Haggerty) Fr. Vinny McKiernan's worked at the Newman Center on the Ohio State University campus for 26 years. Over the course of his life and work, he’s been a novice director with the Paulist Fathers. He’s also...

Day in the life of P

This interview was about my mother and her past. It was also about the wisdom she has for her kids and generations to come.

Kimberly Scott and Deborah Clark

Deborah Clark (60) interviews her friend and colleague, Dr. Kimberly Scott [no age given], about her career, the different museums she has visited, and the people she considers her heroes.

Edward Kinner and Beverly Kinner

Spouses Beverly Kinner [no age given] and Edward Kinner [no age given] talk about their involvement in the Columbus, GA community. While Edward describes the work he did on the Columbus Riverfront and Whitewater Project, Beverly shares her experiences volunteering...

Education in Columbus

My grandparents and I discussed their career in education. They went in detail on organizations and unions they participated in and how technology changed throughout the course of their careers.

Building Bridges: Ms. Ammati

Ms. Amati talks about how she was a social worker and helped many people. She also talks about how her parents always taught her to always be thankful and how people do not owe you anything you always be thankful....

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was about my cousin Yusuf

Jane Wilson and Anthony Lewis

One Small Step conversation partners Jane Wilson (78) and Anthony "Tony" Lewis (69) discuss what it was like growing up in completely different communities and how they developed their beliefs.

Michael Edwards and Teresa Edwards

Teresa Edwards (45) interviews her uncle Michael Edwards (62) on his childhood and marrying his husband after 38 years of being together.


Dennis Miller talks about his life experiences.

William Callaghan and Emily Petersen

Emily Petersen (38) interviews her colleague William Callaghan (65) about his medical career as a practicing OB-GYN, and as an epidemiologist and public health professional at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Eric Benjamin and David Wright

One Small Step conversation partners Eric Benjamin (56) and David Wright (67) have a conversation about hunting, empathy, and their experiences in Oregon.

"There's just no greater privilege."

Paulist Father Steve Bell speaks about his conversion story, his love of music, and the pains and pleasures of being a priest. His recorded conversation with Jennifer Szweda Jordan was produced for The Paulist Fathers. (Photo by Ryan Haggerty.)

Petra Gertjegerdes, Carol Gertjegerdes, and Helmut Gertjegerdes

Petra Gertjegerdes (47) shares a conversation with her parents, Carol Gertjegerdes (78) and Helmut Gertjegerdes (86), about their childhoods, how Carol and Helmut ended up moving to Columbus, Georgia, and about running the newspaper The Columbus Times.