Luke & Jordan discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Luke & Jordan enact a thought experiment of what a sustainable future will look like and how we got there. Specifically imagining being in the year 2030 having achieved carbon neutrality, Luke answers questions about how his community came together...

US History Semester 1 Final Interview

I made an interview with my mother for a course final. The interview is about the time my mom came from Mexico to the US.

LeAnn Krokker and Bo Petersen
August 11, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation between LeAnn Krokker (64) and Bo Petersen (68) talks about Apartheid South Africa, history and how politics impact friendships.

The Gulf War

The Gulf War resulted from Iraq’s attempted invasion and occupation of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein wanted to annex Kuwait for its rich oil reserves, for the debt Iraq owed to Kuwait, and merely to show...

My Mummy and I.

We talked about both me and my mom. She told me how I was as a young child and also how she grew up as a young child.

Jack Freeman Interview

My grandpa talks about his childhood and his past, especially his baseball career

So you’re Canadian, eh?

Growing up in the small town of Kamloops, B.C., Canada is described my mother through the lens of her childhood perspective. She details her experiences in school and home along with relationships she has had with the people growing up.

Sheyla Solís interviews Luis Solis

I (Sheyla Solis) was assigned a research paper for my history class on my topic that I think has changed overtime or that relates to me. I decided to interview Luis Solis ,my dad, the man that had an American...

Kate Sanchez and Amol Kulkarni: A 38 Year Old Happy Interracial Marriage

Kate Sanchez (68) and Amol Kulkarni (66) talk about how their diverse childhoods and societal mores have influenced their 38 year old interracial marriages. They reflect on the challenges and benefits of being in an interracial marriage and its impact...

Nelly Murstein and Benjamin Wolozin

Benjamin "Ben" Wolozin (62) interviews his mother-in-law Nelly Murstein (88) about her life. They discuss her childhood in Lebanon during a civil war and WWII, her life in the States, how she met her husband, her career as an educator,...

Interview with Grandpa

I interviewed my grandfather about his life experiences as a lawyer and father.

Rodolfo Garcia (Son)-Rose Garcia (Mother) Interview

An interesting conversation between me and my loving mother whom I love very much and got to know very well during this interview.

Protest of Activism

The protest of activism give a lot of reasons that people come to againt the government policies, and it shows the right thing to be for U.S citizens.

JFK Assasination

I interviewed my Grandma, Sylvia Brandow about her experiences during the Cold War and when the president was assassinated.

American studies project:Valentina Aguilar

Interview on Dilma Demartino(my grandmother) about her immigration from Honduras to United States.

Inequality & Privilege

Key Moments: 5:25-17:00 and 18:00-30:00. Two Brazilians discuss about racial differences and inequalities between Latinos/Blacks/Whites/Brazilians suffer in the United States or in their own countries.

Manu’s Life

Throughout the interview, I asked my girlfriend about her life experiences that were the most significant during her life. And, I also made sure to ask about how different her life was in Colombia compared to the life she has...