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Grandparents Interview

I interviewed my grandmother nana on my fathers side.

All About My Grandpa and His Life Part 1

My grandpa and his life is very interesting and fun. We made this interview on March 6th, 2020 and I learned so much about him!!! He is an amazing person who is kind, witty, and inspirational. Listen on with the...

A nice talk with my Grandma!

Me, Connor, 13 years old, talked with my mom's mother, Grandma Suzanne, who is in her 80's and currently traveling around in many states with to see all of her cousins and her family. I had called her and we...

Interview for English class

We talked about how different and how he came to America. Also that the laungages are different and hard to learn.

Interview of Introduction

The participant in the interview is my older brother, Jason Osei-Tutu. He’s 21 years old. General questions about self introduction were asked such as language he speaks back home, his educational background, and country of origin.

Storytelling Interview

Interviewer: Lucan Foster, Age: 16, Cousin Interviewed: Dillon Lawson, Age: 15, Cousin Summary: The Life of Dillon