A Conversation with Grammy

This is my Grammy: Henni Fried Stolzman. We talked about all the important things in life: best memories, worst memories, important people, regrets, and more.

Naja and her grandmother, Beverly Davis, talk about her experience immigrating to this country, their family, and her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on December 5, 2018 Beverly Davis shares, with her granddaughter Naja, some experiences of overcoming challenges when she first came to this country when she was 27. For example, she describes how it was a lot...

What really matters?

We talked about things that have influenced her to be who she is and where she is to date.

What really matters? Pt. 2

My mom went more into depth about the roots of her childhood and what it was like growing up.

Grandpa Elmer

We talked about my Grandpa’s life and family.

Joan Frenette

My career as a real estate agent and owner of my own business.

Grandma Helen Gettemy

A pre-thanksgiving conversation about life’s poignant moments

Erin Wells Interview 2020

Interview with Dr. Erin Wells. Hardest working and most dedicated woman I know ;)

What were you like as a child?

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 over the phone, Caleb Santiago interviews his grandmother Carmen A. Santiago about her life. Mrs. Santiago shares stories about her family and how they were a blessing to her. She also talks about...

One Small Step: Brett's family

One Small Step questions recorded at the IRIS Run for Refugees on 2/3/19.


A variety of topics, including community, socialization, influential relationships, and family history.

James A. Kennedy- Husband, Father and Police Officer

I talked with my dad about his career as a police officer and the experiences he’s had over the years.

Beth Moeller and Dr. Frank DeStefano for the 2020 Griswold Home Care Resilience Project

2020-08-25 17:54:08 Beth Moeller and Dr. DeStefano sat down to discus insights gleaned from a lifetime rooted in Catholicism, a 57 year strong marriage and family of 6 children and 17 grandchildren, art during the period of the Renaissance and...

A Conversation With My Dad About My Sister and I

Fitz Dettmer (18) has a personal talk with his dad, Matthew Dettmer (50) about raising him and his sister Graelyn (22), both of whom are queer and neurodivergent. Discussions of when differences were noticed, why, the different atmospheres they were...

Daniel Wolf and his grandma Sheila Goldfarb discuss Sheila’s interesting and eventful life

This interview took place on November 24, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The interviewer is Daniel Wolf, who is interviewing his grandma, Sheila Goldfarb. The interview talks about Sheila's childhood, teen years, adult life, having children, and her eventual...