South Pole goes south

Caroline Veley (15) talks with her mom, Kimberly (53), about her first time traveling to the South Pole with Caroline's dad and an unexpected event that took place there.

Kent Wyckoff, Jason Wyckoff, and Scott Wyckoff

Kent Wyckof (73) tells his sons Jason Wyckoff (37) and Scott Wyckoff (34) about his time working for the U.S. government collecting data in Antarctica in the 1960s.

Ronald Britton and Chapin Montague

Ronald "Ron" Britton (71) recounts to StoryCorps facilitator Chapin Montague [no age given] his youth as a self-proclaimed military brat, the lives of his parents, and his career in oceanography and marine biology, all while sitting on the wood-lined deck...

Claudia McKnight and Molly McKnight

Mother and daughter Claudia McKnight (63) and Molly McKnight (25) discuss Claudia's experience in the U.S. military, her love of aviation, and her experience under Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Trip to Antarctica

My dad went on a trip to Antarctica to work there. We talk about what it is like there.

Bennett Steelman and Elizabeth Steelman

Bennett "Ben" Steelman (67) shares a conversation with his wife, Elizabeth "Beth" Steelman (74). They discuss Ben's father, trips they've taken around the world, and family.