Immigration from Australia

The challenges of immigration and expectations of the U.S.

Steve Desroches and Hannah Clager

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Hannah Clager (32) about her experiences traveling and studying abroad, in particular the intersection of art and human rights, and how it led her to her current work with Crisis Action, an organization that works...

COVID-19 Interview With Australian Abroad Student

This is an interview with Emily Scinto who was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is her story about returning to the U.S. and being tested for COVID-19.

Interview with Dick Aberley part 2

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren.

We’ve got to keep our language alive

Brenda McBride talks about her experiences as a tutor at the Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay/Yuawaalayaay Language and Culture Nest in Lightning Ridge, NSW.

2 girls, 1 decade and more to come part 2

Re-telling stories from our 7 years together. Discussing our future, past and present. We are twins who were separated at birth, not really. But it feels that way

Pat Finken

Stories of what it was like when my grandmother was a kid and how it’s like for her now.

Untitled Interview

Geoff Maher, a Gumbaynggirr and Biripi man and Chairperson of the Illawarra and Wingecarribee Regional Partnership Alliance in the Illawarra South East region of New South Wales in Australia, talks about his experiences and reflections about working with the New...

Getting to know mom

Laura’s decisions and opportunities with their affect on her life and her opinions on certain lifestyles based on time and music.

Paula Sandusky – New York Trip

My aunt talked about her job, her life before the center and after.

Be upfront and honest

Aunty Jean Hands, a Kamilaroi woman, talks and reflects on her time as Chair of the Northern Regional Aboriginal Alliance in Northern NSW and what it means for her represent Aboriginal communities in getting the services and programs communities want.


An interview capturing life growing up as an expat

Vet. Interview with John Adams

John Adams is an Airforce Veteran that served during the Cold War. He’s been to every continent except Antarctica. He found his wife on a small trip to Europe.

The Land Down Under

Halie’s life needed a change in scenery so she decided to leave the U.S and head for the land down under in hopes to find herself.