Papa’s interview

My Grandpa talks about his child hood, wife, and message to future generations.

English StoryCorps Interview Project

Jean searching for her mother after 50 years of a cold case closed adoption.

Pierre Beuret and Natasha Rice

Natasha Rice [no age given] talks with her dad, Pierre Beuret [no age given], about his childhood in Switzerland, his career as a chef, and the many places he has traveled.

Cole Cormier interview of Patrick and Della

An interview of Patrick and Della about their time in Canada and what immigration was like.

Interview with Tyler Mapes

today I interviewed Tyler who was originally born in Canada and moved to Texas when he was still a child. I asked him about some of his life experiences and how that has played a role in who he is...

Steve Desroches and Scott Martino

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Scott Martino (51) about Kook, a legendary and wild weekly party in Provincetown, Massachusetts co-founded by Martino that ran for 15 years. His dogs Dolly and Perry make themselves known occassionally.

My interview with neena.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

An interview with my grandma, neena. Talking about her parents past, her childhood, my mother’s childhood, technology, and more. She reflects on what has changed from when she was young to today. What it was like moving from Canada to...

Eve Anders and Laila Moreau
November 23, 2022 App Interview

My grandmother, Eve Anders, tells me about growing up during World War II and how she and her family was involved in helping and leading the Polish army. She also talks about lessons that she has learned from the strong...

The Middle Child

His family and grandparents. Who was his greatest role model was.


In my room in Canada interviewing my nana

Daughter interviewing her 87 year old father

A daughter interviewing her father about his childhood in England, his parents and grandparents, his marriage and his life in Canada.

Andrew Burnham and Brendan Daly

One Small Step partners, Andrew Burnham (50) and Brendan Daly (59), share their political beliefs, their shared experience of the non-profit world and come to reminisce about how politics didn't used to be such a touchy subject.

A conversation with my Momma

Getting to know my mother a little better with a few in depth questions. Mom age at interview 67, daughter age at interview 36.

Immigration Interview

In this interview we talked about George Juliano’s experiences with coming to America as well as what his home was like before he cam to the US.

Interview with grandma re dating, wedding, honeymoon

Sora Frankel, born in 1919, recalls her first date, courtship, wedding and honeymoon in New York City in a conversation with her grandson.

New media project

Interview with Anita about moving to the US from Canada

Siena interviews Chris about his childhood

Siena interviewed Chris about his childhood and she learned unexpected things during the interview. The interview was conducted in my living room on november 26, 2017. They talked about Where he was born, how he grew up, what school he...

Interview with my Mom

This interview Is between 12 year old Aidan Adams and Stacy Adams, his Mom while visting Kingston, NY during Thanksgiving.