Paul Kennedy and Vince Whibbs

Paul Kennedy (57) shares with his friend Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) about his childhood, his 30 years incarcerated and getting the support he needed to stay out of prison through the anti-recidivism program, Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP).

Sue Fahey shares her memories of Ron Erbel

Bob Kemper was one of Ron Erbel’s dear friends. Bob’s sister, Sue recounts when she first met Ron and the impact he had on her during her brothers cancer battle and the legacy she believes Ron has left behind.

Figuring it out
October 16, 2022 App Interview

Noel is a Full Sail student from Puerto Rico who moved to Florida two years ago and started paving his way into the industry, learning and experiencing new things every day; he shares his work path and how he got...

Perry interviews Grandma Joanie in Atlanta Georgia.

My grandma loves to tell stories. Interesting stories if anything. I thought she would be the best person for this project and loved hearing from her.

Family oral history

I spoke to my paternal grandma about her early life, school, family, faith, and immigration.

Thanksgiving interview

I interviewed my father and we talked about what he's thankful for

Suneel Mahajan and Rupa Robbins, May 2021

Father interviewed by daughter about his early life in Malawi and India, his immigration to the U.S., and his family.


We talked about the highs and lows of life and some found memories made

Aaron Clark and Devon Thomas Lee Julian

One Small Step conversation partners Aaron Clark (27) and Devon Thomas (37), both pastors, discuss faith, issues of identity and abortion.

Interview with Michael Yetter

In this interview we discussed the transition from high school to college and the real world

“She was hell on wheels” A little bit about Nana Judy's Life.

This interview is about the life of my Grandmother, Judy Lane. We talked about her family growing up and the family she later had. She talked about memories from her past including fun times in highschool and as a young...


This was an interview for a school assignment

Andrea Lozada, 18, talks with her brother, Gabriel Lozada, 17

Andrea Lozada and Gabriel Lozada discuss the past, the present, and the future.

Growing Up

The most important things in life & how you it was growing up.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about family and just life in general

Me and my Cousin

I interviewed my cousin Stephanie, and I asked her questions about her childhood, career, and family. I got to know my cousin a lot more and I’m glad that I chose to do this interview with her.

Story of Coming to America

We talked about how my mother’s experience was when she moved from Peru to Florida.