Betty Savage shares family and childhood memories.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, I interview my grandmother Betty Savage in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 24, 2017. Betty reflects on her childhood, family, accomplishments, aspirations, hobbies, and lessons she's learned over the years. She discusses her grandmother, cousins, mother, father,...

Entrevista con Abella

Interview with Mercedes Bello Viccentini (Spanish). We talked about her family and her childhood. She was born in Venezuela. She was born in the 1930s and married Guillermo Bello in 1951.

How mom met dad

Mom explains how she met dad on vacation in south beach.

A Conversation with Mom

We talked about her personal life and upbringing and how it has reflected onto mine.

vicky moya

I am Victoria Moya, I am 17 years old and I did this interview for the class of Mr. De La flor. I talked about a range of things from love to religion.

Isabel Fleitas and Her Parents Immigrate from Cuba
November 5, 2022 App Interview

At age 10, after 5 years of hardship, sacrifice, and intimidation under the Fidel Castro Regime, Isabel Fleitas Gruba (62), her mother, Pastora Lopez Fleitas , and her father, Gonzalo Fleitas (93) board a Freedom Flight to Miami in 1970...

Mom’s wedding

Jacob (18 male) asks Tanya (44 female mom) about wedding day.

Camila Delgado (13) interviews her grandmother Marylou Liriano (66) about her life and her childhood

In this interview, Camila Delgado talks with her grandmother, Marylou Liriano, about her past, her childhood, and life lessons she learnt on the way to her adult hood. Her grandmother tells Camila about her first love. She even tells Camila...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Carina Fernandez (48) is being interviewed by her daughter, Sol Fernandez (13). Carina talks about her teenage years in Argentina, her personal opinions, and her family now living in Miami.

de la flor Interview

this an interview with Sonia Cachon, Age 17, Class of 2023. I talked about my family and my relationship with them and my teachers etc.

Oral History Project

I, Melissa Fernandez-Tejera, interviewed my mother, Ilka Tejera, who is 46 at the time of recording. The questions pertained mostly to how she lived her life and the memories she’s made along the way. The interview finishes off with her...

Conversando con mi Abuela // Talking with my Grandmother

Intrevistando mi Abuela y preguntando algunas cosas sobre su vida como sus momentos mas orgullosos y lecciones que ha aprendido. // Interviewing my Grandmother and asking a some questions about her life like her proudest moments and life lessons she's...

Thanks giving Interview- Michelle Ferris

This is an interview with my Aunt Michelle about her life and what she is most thankful for.

Interview With My Mom: Lissette Valdes-Brito

In this interview with my mom we talked about her life and how she expected it to be. We also went over what she was very grateful for and what she has experienced throughout all her time here. This interview...