One of the longest talks I've had with my sister in a while.

Dad and the San Francisco Earthqauek

I interviews my father, Rabbi Jacob Herber, on his experience with the San Francisco earthquake

San Francisco Native

This is a conversation between Freeman and his father John, recorded in Los Angeles on a visit from San Francisco.

From Manila to America

Emille Cipriano-Trudeau moved from Manila, Philippines and lived in Chicago, Quebec, San Francisco, and Austin. She left her homeland to explore other opportunities.

Our adoption journey

In San Francisco in the middle of a pandemic to meet our new little bundle of joy!


The interviewer, Chase Dunn (15), interviewed Frank Drugge (19), they are cousins. Topics such as family, religion, and life lessons were discussed.

Interview With Tio Angel

The conversation covers the life and soccer career of Angel Vazquez.

The Mission, a Cultual Marker with Erick Arguello

Cemelli Espitia leads an interview with Muralist and Co-founder and President of Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, Erick Arguello. We discuss gentrification, his raising in the mission in the 70s, the history of the mission, the need for murals, the...

RVM Anne Irons
October 10, 2017 App Interview

Anne's positive way of life shows through this interview. Anne's childhood in Chinatown. Trying to learn Chinese. She had a stroke during delivering her son and saw the light but did not want to go back.

Aliah Hall and Shareka Hall (Gregory)

Aliah Hall (35) and her sister Shareka Hall (29) remember their father, who passed away when Shareka was 13. They talk the influence of his death on their family, their young adulthoods, and their relationship with each other.

Past life lessons, new opportunities

On 4/I6/22, in Los Angeles California, Julian Bao(15) interviews his mom Suzie Bao(51) who works in advertising. She talks about her experience with life lessons and how recently her career started moving faster and became a board member of a...

On his own, from Hong Kong to America

I sit down with my maternal grandfather, Marcus Woo (Gung-Gung), to talk about coming to and growing up in America.

Kate Hoepke and Dr. Wayne Pan: A conversation about community and belonging

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our third StoryCorps conversation is between San Francisco Village Executive Director Kate Hoepke and Board member Dr. Wayne Pan. Kate and Wayne shared personal stories that led them to be where they are today. They...

The Almost Disaster

Social studies interview about memories.Theme:Each moment can be a learning experience.

Marys decisions that followed her realization that she did not want to be introduced as "Betty s daughter Mary" for the rest of her life

Mary moved to San Francisco as a 27 year old in the 1960s. She shares stories about that move, going to the South to be a part of voter registration and marching for civil rights, her travels to South America...

"The journey and who you're taking the journey with matters as much as the destination." An interview with Riley Duren.

Riley Duren is a Research Scientist at the University of Arizona and an Engineering Fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His current research focus is developing greenhouse gas monitoring systems to support decision-making about climate. Listen to Riley discuss why...

"It's so fun and such a privilege to be part of this team and see what people can do together" An interview with Lindy Elkins-Tanton

Dr. Elkins-Tanton did not always know she wanted to be a scientist, yet she is now the principal investigator for NASA's Psyche mission and the managing director of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative. Hear her talk about her journey...

Mary Lanier and Joanne Low: Education, Leadership, and Family.
September 20, 2022 App Interview

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our fifth StoryCorps conversation is between SFV Board Members Joanne Low and Mary Lanier. Both now retired, had careers in leadership positions in education and healthcare. Mary and Joanne share with us stories about getting...