The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview we talk about our proudest moments and last words.

Oral History: Vietnam War

A veteran’s perspective of the Vietnam war, basic training, communism, and the US government. NOTE: Richard misspoke when he said he was in the infantry. He meant to say artillery.

My Grandmother’s Life

In this interview conducted on November 26, 2017, Jonathan Rhodes (17) interviews his maternal grandmother, Betty Ann Coble Emmert (76) about her life. She talks about what her childhood was like while living in Texas with her older sister and...

Katelynn Rivera

we talked about what he would like to be remembered for when he is no longer with us and what was his most happiest memories in life.

interview with rhonda bier

we talked about her childhood and some important people in her life

Raymond Harris

The origins of and advice given by Raymond Harris himself. This interview also covers his personal life and as well as his childhood memories of his relatives and others who inspired him.

“I see the way you are and I’m very proud”

I interviewed my mother and asked her some questions about her past and present. I learned things about her that I didn’t know before.

Entrevista a mi mamá

Hablamos sobre como Ella civil su vida. Tambien hablamos sobre como fue so niñez.

Alex Garcia Culture and Mental Illness

Recent UNT graduate discusses the culture he was raised in on Texas by his Hispanic parents. He also shares about the prevalence of mental illness in American society.

Robert Foster, Charlotte Williamson, and Jeremy Williamson

Charolette Williamson (32) and her husband, Jeremy Williams (34) interview her father, Dr. Robert "Bob" Foster, Jr. about his career in dentistry.

Early childhood 1940-1960’s

A few memories of growing up in Ninnekah, OK and seminary in 1960’s. Topics on family, school, racism.

Interview with Nikki Norman

Talked with Nikki Norman about her childhood and growing up in Dallas, TX. Also talked about her family and future opportunities.

Living in a Mexican-American World

The interview was about my husband life growing up in Dallas,TX as a Mexican-American.Luis Nino talks about his childhood, career and religious views.

Clare Haygood tells her daughter, Rosie, stories of growing up with her tight-knit Texan family.

Rosie Haygood (13) interviews her mom (50) about teenage years, proposals, and family in Santa Monica, California. Clare reminisces about old memeries of her parents and siblings, and discusses how moving around, being in a writer, and living in New...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Bettie Martin and Nikolas Parker

In this interview, which occurred on November 24, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Nikolas Parker (14) interviews his great-grandma Bettie Martin aka ”Bigmamma” (87) about her life. Topics include how she was one of the first African Americans to buy a...

The Freedom Journey

Mr. Lee had escaped the communist seeking freedom from Vietnam to America in 1988. It took about five years to arrive America. Before he came to America, he had to stay in Malaysia for five years. Mr. Lee had to...