Geena Lazzerini and Wendy Joyce-Fenton

One Small Step Partners, Geena Lazzerini (21) and Wendy Joyce-Fenton (59), discuss the need for community, spirituality, and connection as well as their differing views on social issues such a gun control.

President John F. Kennedy Assassination

This Interview talks about what my grandmother went through during the assassination of John F. Kennedy

A Blast From The Past

I interviewed my Mother, Mayra Salazar on November 28, 2022. She briefly discussed what technology was like growing up.

a police officers view of 9/11

Brenna Talley, age 22, is a Texas A&M University student. She interviews her dad, Wes Talley, age 44, a Mesquite police officer about his experience during the attack on the World Trade Center.

thanksgiving assignment
November 29, 2022 App Interview

My father’s name is Serafin Aspeitia and he is 49 years of age. His first language is Spanish so he answered all the questions and my younger brother said them in English. We discussed about his accomplishments and advise he...

Interview with Bill Claxton

This interview with Bill Claxton is a run through on how life was like when he was a young boy and how he viewed what was going back then to today’s time .

Interviewing wrestling Coach about his experience

Asking about his time while coaching. His core values and what he learned throughout his time .

Me and my Nana
November 27, 2022 App Interview

An interview with my grandmother and things I wished to know about her.

Interview with my Sister

In this interview we discussed my sister childhood, aspirations and fond memories.

About Me

learn a little about jordan . she answers some questions regarding her life and personal achievements

The biggest tool in life is proper communication

Jewell dives into a deep conversation with her father as he talks about his Grandfather and how he’s impacted his life, making him the man he is today. The video then shifts to how the skills he’s learned from his...

Tia on 90th Birthday

Interview of Mary Patricia (Tia) Bunch by Vince Miller (son) on her 90th birthday, November 25 , 2018.

Recording – 11-15-2023 15:22:56

exploring the cultural differences between living in a small town and the different ways one is treated.

Mrs.Taylor and memories of her youth

During WW ll, all the men were drafed and she had to fill in for the science teacher for the time beaing without a clue of what she was doing. In December of 2017, Pilar Taylor (13) interviews her grandmother...