Love Okorie and Jadyn Dangerfield

Love Okorie (16) talks with her best friend, Jadyn Dangerfield (16) talked about their admiration for BTS and how they first met and then reconnected.

Kasi and Melanie bonding

Kasi and Melanie talk about themselves and how life is. Kasi asks Melanie about herself to get to know her further and they talk about experiences. They share thoughts and opinions about things.

Kathy Jacquart and Patricia Jacquart

Kathy: 2020-05-27 23:28:00 Kathy Jacquart (53) talks with her mother, Patricia Jacquart, about her life, her education, her teaching career and her thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic. Patricia share fond memories, lessons learned and advice for future generations.

A Friendship Worth Remebering

Hi!~ My name is Morgan Thomas and I am interviewing my bestie friend Gabrielle (Gabby). This interview is a trip down memory lane covering the purpose of of why are friendships important. It will cover the topic of friendship, memories,...

"Daniel"-Hayllei Viera and Celso Viera

Hayllei Viera (14) talks with her father, Celso Viera (33) about his origin story of his nickname. Hayllei Viera: 2022-11-28 04:50:22

Rattanakone Family

I, Lisa Rattanakone (17), talk with my grandma, Douangta Rattanakone (88) about her family, her life back in Laos, my late grandpa, and being in America today. For the sake of sharing, my questions are asked in English and my...