Forever Partners

I am interviewing Sharon Sexter, who is my grandmother, about her life. I learn how Sharon started a successful candy shop with no prior experience. I learn where she was born and why she moved. I also learn about her...

Amanda Wright – Effects of Covid-19 on School – December 13, 2022

Covid has impacted how we live our lives, but it has had a mouse effect on the school system. Amanda Wright shared her insight on how the pandemic has effected school and teacher life.

Growing up in the South: Interview with Joanne Taylor (King) part 1

Joanne talks about growing up in the King family near Danville, KY in the 1940s and 50s. She covers sharecropping, tobacco farming, farm life, valuable lessons, hard work, and good and bad times in the process.

From Freshman Year to Now

Ishaani and Camille attend a small college prep school in the Bay Area called Athenian. They met the first week of freshman year and this interview summarizes the journey that made up the past four years and where they are...

Robert Marsh and Sandra Marsh

Spouses, Robert Marsh (70) and Sandra Marsh (66) have a conversation about their lives in Danville and their artistic careers.

Justin Ferrell and Elsabe Dixon

Justin (26) and Ina (26) talk about their work at the Danville Regional Foundation and how they want to contribute in making Danville a better place to live.

Bruce Hopson and Joshua Hearne

Joshua Hearne (32) interviews his friend and colleague, Bruce Hopson (60) about overcoming being homeless and an alcoholic and their work together at Grace & Main.

Education Over Time

The quality in education and the history of education was mainly talked about in this interview.