Nikita Hartzheim and her grandfather Greg Kraft talk about his childhood and military experience.

In this interview conducted November 25, 2018 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Nikita Hartzheim(14) interviews her pappa, Greg Kraft(73) about his life including his childhood, marriage and his time in the navy. Mr.Kraft talks about how he remembers the air aids of...

Ed Lundberg

Mostly just memories. And what else happened and most memorable in Ed’s lifetime.

Ron Henningfeld and Josie Henningfeld

Spouses Josie Henningfeld (39), a dancer, and Ron Henningfeld (41), a cheesemaker, share their story of meeting, marrying, and starting a successful cheesemaking business in Wisconsin.

Linda Regester and Chris Brookes

Linda Louise Regester (73) has a conversation with friend Chris Brookes (74) about her childhood growing up in Chicago, Illinois, her adulthood living in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, her dad's military service, her husband's military service, and Polish holiday traditions.

Lisa Aurand, Eric Rude, and Charles Rude

Lisa Aurand (62) talks with her brother Eric Rude (60) and nephew Charles "Charlie" Rude (30) about their parents and grandparents, respectively, Charles and Maxine Rude. They remember Charles and Maxine's Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, connections and their legacy of respect...

Emma O’Connor interviewing Tim O’Connor about his life and growing up.

This interview took place in Chicago, Illinois on November 25. Emma O’Connor interviews her dad, Tim O’Connor. He reflects back on his life as a teenager. Also, he talks about who influenced his life today and what he is proud...