The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandma
November 28, 2021 App Interview

This conversation between my grandma and I, we go over her childhood memories as well as her teenage memories. For reference, she was born in 1943.

Jailene Williams
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Jailene Williams is my 11 year old daughter participate. In this interview we discussed school and family.

raised out of Massachusetts

Here I interview my dad Chris woodward and ask about his childhood, love and parenting. We discussed hard times in his childhood & what he looked foward to in the future. Proposing to my mother and also talking about being...


the greatest interview this generation has ever seen

thanks giving listen

interview with Richard rothbard and will sandler discussing Jocelyn Sandler and richards parents and grandparents

Adyson Luttrell and RyAnne Lutrell

My mother (RyAnne Luttrell) who is 39, took her time today to join me for this interview while I (Adyson Luttrell) asked her many questions about her life and what it was slime for her.We talked about anywhere from her...

Myra and Salvador talk about his experience as an undocumented immigrant. “It was my choice”

Myra talks to her family friend Salvador about is life as a Mexican immigrant. This interview was recorded while at Disneyland where the whole family was celebrating him getting his papers.

“Don’t burn bridges”

This is just a simple interview recorded with my father, Alexander Leal alongside with his daughter, Sienna Leal. My father relives his memories throughout his life in this interview.

Interviewing My Sister

In this interview, recorded on April 2020 in North Hills, California, my sister Monica Rodriguez (18). She talked about her childhood growing up as the oldest in a small neighborhood. She also talks about people most important to her and...

Andrew Weber and Jessica Hong

Andrew Weber (24) and his mentor, Jessica Hong (39), share a conversation about family, camping, amusement parks, and movies. Andrew also remembers the loved ones who he has lost and shares life advice for those listening.

Interviewing my older brother

I interviewed my older brother. He answered simple questions like what is he most grateful for, one happy memory he has, what he's passionate about and one favorite memory he has of me.

Interviewing my mom -IB HOA

Interviewing my mom about life during the pandemic, her childhood, becoming a mother, her job and some general questions

Mom interview

We just talked about what she learned in life and what influenced her

My mom and I

my mom and I were able to talk about things that five deep into connections as well as family and friends. We found things that were hidden and we unveiled them during our interview. Many emotions were shared that allowed...

Brady Merrill Interviews Father, Sean Merrill
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Brady, age 14, interviews his father, age undetermined (56). In their small town in Western North Carolina, Brady asks questions about his father’s profession as a tile worker and his childhood.

Storycorps interview

Adrian Jordan. My dad 39 years old. We talked about his life and important life lessons and how the Covid-19 Pandemic had an impact on him