Mommy’s moments

Mothers adventure from Dominican Republic to the United States when she was younger. Memories of the past that I didn’t even know flourished.

the one who survived

an interview with Dedé Mirabal and how the death of her 3 sisters has impacted her life today.

Immigration Interview- Minna Segura

I interviewed my uncle for my interview and he told many things about his journey.

Axell Caceres interviews Orlando Caceres (father)

During this interview, conducted on October 1st of 2018 in Bronx, New York. Axell Caceres interviews his father Orlando Caceres about his life and experiences. Orlando Caceres includes stories of moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic. All...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

In this interview I talked with my mom about her life and her upbringing. I asked her questions about her motivations and setbacks and how they influenced her today.

The Transition

Me and Juan talked alot about Juan's transition from Dominican Republic to the United States.

A Talk with my Father

Finding out about my father's childhood. How it was growing up in the Dominican Republic.

Matthew Torres interviewing My Dads Life ( Mott Hall V)

We talked about his life growing up in the Dominican Republic, and coming to the united state.


We talked about what my mom is most grateful for and that people it is good to be the way that you want to be treated.

Growing up Dominican
November 7, 2021 App Interview

An American born Dominican who grew up in DR talks about art, architecture, Carnival, food, baseball, and dominoes.

Emigrate at 18s

My sister marceli and I talked about how difficult it has been for her as an immigrant to come to the States and her problems with college

Thanksgiving listen

My grandma and I talked about the best parts of her life. During thanksgiving we reflected about what we are thankful for.

Aurelina and Erica’s Great Listen Interview

In this interview, I, Aurelina, have a conversation with my sister, Erica, about her experiences when she was my age. We cross upon her transition from the Dominican Republic to America, middle school, high school, and significant teachers in her...

Interview with my Spanish-Dominican Mom

In this interview I talked to my mom about life. I asked her about her experience in the US. She came here from the Dominican Republic and we discussed that process a bit as well. I also asked her about...

Finding Her Way in America

Here I am talking to my mom, Raquel Caruso, about her life in America and her hopes and dreams for her children.

My Second dad.

He loves me very much and wishes me to do nothing but good. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

My Mom’s Life Story

In this interview, I, Alanna Diaz interview my mother, about her life. We talk about fortunate and misfortunate events and I get to know a little about my mother that I never knew. My mom talks about her childhood and...

Interview with my mom

My mom and I talked about her experiences in college and how her family has influenced her life.

Cesar Hernandez-De-La-Rosa and Justin Butler

Cesar Hernandez De La Rosa (52) speaks about his childhood, his relationship with his grandmother growing up and the emotional impact being incarcerated at Rikers.