Mommy’s moments

Mothers adventure from Dominican Republic to the United States when she was younger. Memories of the past that I didn’t even know flourished.

Loman Martin and Reid Belew

One Small Step partners Loman Martin (38) and Reid Belew (29) discuss their small-town and religious upbringings, their families, women's rights, racism, and their life experiences.

the one who survived

an interview with Dedé Mirabal and how the death of her 3 sisters has impacted her life today.

The Transition

Me and Juan talked alot about Juan's transition from Dominican Republic to the United States.

Immigration Interview- Minna Segura

I interviewed my uncle for my interview and he told many things about his journey.

Mission Trip with Madison

My name is Annabelle Moreno, I am 18 years old and I am interviewing my friend Madison Cockerhan, 18 years old, about a mission trip she took this past summer.


We talked about what my mom is most grateful for and that people it is good to be the way that you want to be treated.

Growing up Dominican
November 7, 2021 App Interview

An American born Dominican who grew up in DR talks about art, architecture, Carnival, food, baseball, and dominoes.

Axell Caceres interviews Orlando Caceres (father)

During this interview, conducted on October 1st of 2018 in Bronx, New York. Axell Caceres interviews his father Orlando Caceres about his life and experiences. Orlando Caceres includes stories of moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic. All...

Aaron Williams and Rosa Williams

Husband and wife Aaron Williams (75) and Rosa Williams (80) speak about their life together and reflect on their most treasured moments and relationships.

life in and after the Dominican Republic

Immigration story from the Dominican Republic and life after, the hardships and obstacles that an immigrant had to face in a country that was not his homeland

Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

In this interview I talked with my mom about her life and her upbringing. I asked her questions about her motivations and setbacks and how they influenced her today.

A Talk with my Father

Finding out about my father's childhood. How it was growing up in the Dominican Republic.

Matthew Torres interviewing My Dads Life ( Mott Hall V)

We talked about his life growing up in the Dominican Republic, and coming to the united state.

Yomari's Community (en Español)

Yomari shares her story about employment, housing, and food insecurity. She reminisces how vacations back home in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic are temporary escapes from the hardships of poverty. Through her work with La Casa Norte she has...

La historia de Mamá

We discuss a lot of heavy topics about her life. My mom teaches me a lot about her history, her dreams, regrets, and what she is thankful for.

Ana Belique and Sharma Aurelien

Ana Belique (36) and her colleague Sharma Aurelien (36) are enrolled in Columbia University's Human Rights Advocacy Program, they discuss the activism they engage in regarding women's and citizenship rights.

My mother and I talk about my life and her life as well. I find out about how she felt throughout her life.

My mother and I talked about her life and my own. She has experienced difficulty throughout her life while dealing with 3 children. She’s a single mother working two jobs. At the moment she feels that we are succeeding in...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about life and our experiences, and the future.

All about their past.

We reviewed some things about life. How was life like back then.