Abigail Arthur and Sheena Belcher Hubbard

One Small Step conversation partners Abigail "Abby" Arthur (51) and Sheena Belcher-Hubbard (40) spend the better part of an hour discussing motherhood, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the heightened division in our country.

Racing, Family, Fun, and Integrity-David Gee and Kailey Barrientos

Kailey interviews her father Dave. He is a great story teller and talks of a time when high-schoolers played pranks, and family was similar to a 50s TV show. For Dave, everything led to racing and a legacy of entrepreneurial...

Rosie and Addi

I interviewed her about her life and almost everything in it.

Experiences of Young Parents

I interviewed my highschool sweetheart parents about myself when I was young, their early marriage, memories they share and the truth they've experienced in their 20 years of marriage.

Kota [No Name Given] and Diana [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Kota "Dakota" [No Name Given] (40) and Diana [No Name Given] (60) talk about public school versus homeschool education, access to healthcare, and toeing the line between conservativism and liberalism.

Peter Cohen and Richard Herb

One Small Step partners Peter Cohen (71) and Richard Herb (66) share their work in leadership, their views on politics, and their relationship to scholarship.

Michael Anderson and Margaret Jackson

One Small Step participants Michael Anderson (59) and Margaret Jackson [no age given] discuss their respective upbringings in the Wichita and Boston area, their love of the outdoors and the countryside, and how they wish politicians would listen to everyday...

William Erisman interviews father.

William Erisman: (13) talks with his father, Gary Erisman (45) about his childhood in Ottawa, Kansas.

Sarah Heeke and Callie Dyer

One Small Step conversation partners Sarah Heeke (37) and Callie Dyer (53) talk about being young mothers, the juvenile justice and foster care system, feeling unrepresented in their region, the political divide and what it means to be a Kansan.

Choose the Right with all Your Might and Things May Go Your Way

Today I talked with my sweet mom Melinda and got to know some more details about her childhood and young adulthood. She discusses good memories in her life from summers in Kansas to work and raising her kids.

My mom

My mom lived in a rural area and played outside a lot when she was younger.

About Video Games
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Why they are good or bad as someone in the community.

"The determined journey of immigrant Satish Meesa interviewed by Nishna Meesa."

This interview is about my father Satish Meesa and his journey and adventure of immigrating from India to Kansas. He talks about how his journey looked like, what America and Kansas had to offer like the opportunities, and the challenges...

Roger Moon

Retired theater teacher reflects on stories of the past.

Brady Sih and his father Ping Sih talking about growing up and coming to America

Brady Sih (52) talks with his father Ping Sih (82) about his childhood and moving from China to HK to Taiwan, back to HK and then to Kansas and ultimately the Bay Area: 2022-10-23 22:55:39

Evelyn Fisher and William Agress

One Small Step partners Evelyn Fisher (72) and William "Bill" Agress (75) discuss switching political "sides," alternatives to Biden and Trump, and their personal experiences with mental illness.

Sharon and Norene McIntosh talk about the night Norene's father died on Christmas Eve 1932.
November 3, 2019 App Interview

In December 1932, Norene O'Connor McIntosh's father John O'Connor died at a sanitarium in Von Ormy, Texas. On Christmas Eve, her mother Loretta took his body by train to their hometown of Parsons, Kansas. This is Norene's story, told to...