Growing Up in the Sun City

My dad, Jimmy Schwartz, and I, Anna Schwartz, talk about his upbringing in the border town of El Paso, Texas, his rich family history, unusual upbringing, and favorite memories of his childhood in the Sun City.

Homophobia in the work environment

Jose talks about his experience in the work environment, with CVS and a little bit of his experience in the LGBTQ Community

friend interview

we asked each other 5 questions and received our answers

History interview with El Paso Historian

I sat down to talk to El Paso historian Mr. Valles to interview him on his personal opinions on his own experience through our history

Coming to America

In this interview, Deion Hankins age 23 and his uncle Joe Hankins age 48 take a dive into mixed culture as an African American growing up in Juarez and migrating into the United States.

Rafael Cardenas and Anna Laura Cardenas

Rafael C. Cardenas, 56, talks with his daughter Anna Laura Cardenas, 18, about his childhood in El Paso, TX and the San Joaquin Valley in California, his career as a dentist, and the tight-knit bond in their family.

Coming to America to Make a Difference

I interviewed my dad Ruben Gardea, about his experience coming from Mexico to the United States of America. He did a great job explaining his reason for coming to the United States of America, his life as an American citizen,...

Tanya Gallagher and Manuel Dacunha

Manual Veiga Dacunha (84) talks to his granddaughter Tanya Gallagher (31) about his time in the Army, stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. He also talks about his time as an airline agent and the frustration he's had...


Claire interviewed her grandfather who she calls papa. Claire was particularly interested in the story of how her grandfather was a cockfighter. This picture is of her with a fighting gaffs passed down to her grandfather.

The Life of my Grandparents
November 26, 2023 App Interview

My grandparents (Raul & Carmen) discuss what their childhood/growing up was like and significant moments shaping their lives to be what it is today. Nov. 25, 2023