Cindy Medina and Linda Medina-Lopez

Sisters, Cindy Medina (42) and Linda Medina-Lopez (38), talk about their family history, the legacy they hope to leave for the next generation, what it's like for Linda to be a new mom, and what they have learned from their...


Claire interviewed her grandfather who she calls papa. Claire was particularly interested in the story of how her grandfather was a cockfighter. This picture is of her with a fighting gaffs passed down to her grandfather.

Jackie Wren and Keri Foster

Jackie (30) talks to her friend Keri (33) about her experiences in the military, being underestimated because she is a feminine woman, and deploying to Afghanistan.

Tanya Gallagher and Manuel Dacunha

Manual Veiga Dacunha (84) talks to his granddaughter Tanya Gallagher (31) about his time in the Army, stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. He also talks about his time as an airline agent and the frustration he's had...