Challenges in transitioning from Colombia to United States.

The hard transitioning from Colombia to United States and, how can family effects and supports you in a positive way. See as well show the struggle of language barriers. she as well shows why she left Colombia in order to...

Khin Oo and Ratree Ratdachot

Conversation partners Khin Oo (21) and Ratree Ratdachot (67) talk about Ratree's childhood in Thailand, moving to Queens and starting a business in Elmhurst, NY. They also discuss the importance of having an official Little Thailand in NYC and how...

Nick Falco and Monica Falco

Nick Falco (17) son of Monica Falco (45) talk about mom's beliefs and feelings. Also talked about her childhood and the current pandemic.

Pamela Endo and Greg Slawski

Greg Slawski (55) speaks with his co-worker Pamela Endo (50) about their time together at Gift of Hope and what they've learned about their work.

P. Thawin Pukhao and Chinda Tanner

Elmhurst Buddhist temple volunteer Chinda Tanner (63) and Monk P. Thawin Pukhao (53) discuss their personal histories and the history of the temple. They also discuss how they each contribute to their temple and what they hope for the Thai...

Brianna Cea and Shekar Krishnan

OCA-NY President Brianna Cea (26) interviews her friend, City Councilmember Shekar Krishnan (38), about his district of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Woodside in Queens, New York City. They reflect on his role in renaming Little Thailand Way and talk about...