Racism, COVID-19 and mental sacrifice

I interview my grandmother about the pandemic were living in (COVID-19), Racism in the late 1940s and mental health arising in this pandemic.

Steven Wolf and Sarah Blanton

Sarah Blanton (51) interviews her colleague Steven Wolf (72) about his distinguished career in physical therapy, his family background, and the future of the profession.

John and Vivienne Ingersoll

This is a conversation with John and Vivienne Ingersoll, an interracial couple that met at Spellman College in the late 1960’s and wake up every morning happy to have spent their lives together.

Fiameta Pellicer and Stephen Pellicer

Stephen Pellicer (39) interviews his mother Fiameta Pellicer (72) about her decisions in how to raise him with regard to his Filipino heritage, and Fiameta tells Stephen about her journey in serving as a psychiatrist in academic and private practice.

Howard Cavner and Jenn Simmons

Jenn Simmons (39) interviews her friend, colleague, and mentor, Howard Cavner (68), about his childhood in the Ozarks region of Missouri, his relationship with his grandmother, the pride he has for his daughter, and the most important lessons that he...

Sally [No Name Given] and Jennifer Frederic

Sally [No Name Given] [no age given] talks with conversation partner Jennifer Frederic (40) about being adopted and struggling at various times in her life to feel as if she fitted in.