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Harriet Weber and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend and colleague, Harriet Weber (65), about her experience becoming a "farm wife" in Quincy Valley and about her passion for community history.

Brianna Motzkus and Cindi Rang

Mother and daughter Cindi Rang (58) and Brianna Motzkus (29) recall and reminisce over their experiences navigating masks and their quilt shop during the start of the Pandemic. They also talk about their success with making videos about how to...

Harriet Weber and Sally Patton

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Sally Patton (76) about her childhood, her career, her family, and the quilt that has been passed down to her from the early 1820s.

Rosalyn Schragg and Leanna Hayes

Rosalyn Schragg [no age given] interviews her friend Leanna Hayes [no age given] about Rosalyn’s journey from Rotherham, England to Soap Lake, Washington State. They also discuss Rosalyn’s marriage, children, career, and home.

Denise Keegan and Duane Nycz

Denise Keegan (71) and her friend Duane Nycz (62) share a conversation about their bartending and restaurant careers, their families, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Soap Lake, WA, the city that they both call home.

Beverly Hasper and Alison Gooding

Beverly Hasper [no age given] talks with her friend Alison Gooding (62) about moving from Ephrata, Washington to Soap Lake, Washington, where she spent 35 years working at Masquers Theater. She talks about the efforts to fundraise for the theater...