History Project

My mom has been through a lot in her lifetime, from immigrating to America to becoming a mother of three. She has been able to be the best mom and the hardest working woman I know although she has faced...

December 2, 2020 App Interview

my dad and i talk about what his life was like at my age(17) and about his experience in prison

"They were jailing and killing Eritreans… we had to leave."

Seforah Teferi (17) and her grandfather, Berhane Tewolde (80) talk about why he left a succesful life in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his wife and five kids, to start all over in America

Susan Broitman, Marshall Broitman, and Jed Broitman

Susan Broitman (76) and her husband Marshall Broitman (76) talk with their son Jed Broitman (45) about how they met while training in the PeaceCorps before being stationed in Ethiopia together.

Rivas storycorp interview (with Mom)

Talked about my mother’s upbringing and what she is accomplished and what she is proud of.

Story Corps

the person that Interview is called Mehari Dante, they are 53 years old and they are a family friends. they talked a lot about childhood memories, relationships with other family/ hard ship of traveling into different country in a young...

Leah Davis Witherow and William Hybl

Leah Davis Witherow (55) interviews William Hybl [no age given] about growing up in Pueblo, Colorado, serving in the Army in Ethiopia, and his work in the district attorney’s office.

Abebech Mergia and Charlie Shin

Abebeck, a caregiver with PACE, talks with coworker Charlie about Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) and explains this special time in her culture. Also talks about the importance of neighbors, coworkers and participants.

Connie Lee and Lynn Thompson

Reverend Connie Lee (65) talks with her friend, Lynn Thompson (72), about their friend Charles Black and the various ministries they are involved with at the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta.

The Days My Father was Arrested

Firtuna’s dad was arrested for religious reasons, and he also lost his father. He ran away to the border of the country to get his freedom. Firtuna and her family followed him.

most cherished possessions and their significance

My name is Nahome and I was talking was my dad about what his most cherished possessions and items were. Also we talked about why they were significant to my dad who is Tilahun. I learned more then I thought...

Living in Ethiopia During The Red Terror

The Red Terror was the Ethiopian version of Stalin’s purges - and Berihu was right in the middle of it.

COM100: Coming to America

Estifanos and Henrique are two international students who came to America to complete their studies at a university. This interview discusses their experiences with the change, what they plan to do after college, and their overall perspective on coming to...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Aida Mekonen interviewed her mother Tewabech Gedafie about her experience growing up in Ethiopia and what it was like immigrating to America. Tewabech also talked about her experiences adjusting to life in a new country, getting a job, attending school....

Interview with Samuel Taye

Arianna L., an intern at Arts Street, had the opportunity to chat and interview an immigrant from Ethiopia. We bring you this podcast episode to discuss his immigration and life story. Samuel Taye came from Ethiopia and now resides in...

Abraham Goldbaum, Daniel Stock, and Ruth Goldbaum

Abraham Goldbaum talks to his grandson, Daniel Stock, and daughter, Ruth Goldbaum, about his love of music, life as an activist and traveling with his wife, Etta. Now at 100 years of age, he continues to sing in the rock...

Fear of men’s best friend

A 4 years old refugee boy from Eritrea got bite a dog with rabies and this incident change his whole thoughts on dog

Jennifer DeLeon and Rozella Haydee White

Friends Jennifer DeLeon (43) and Rozella Haydee White (34) discuss how they became friends as members of a Lutheran church, and how faith and activism combine and manifest in their lives.