Interviewing the Great Aunt Louane

I interviewed my aunt louane for a school project. I learned a lot of things not only about my aunt but also about Oregon and other things.

Carsten and Tony

Got to know about Tony’s school life. Also about his job and his past.

Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #4 (20200808) Young Adulthood – Mentors, Growth, and Early Jobs

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their fourth Storycorps Connect interview. We start by talking about influential teachers and what they meant in Dave's life. Then we continue to cover Dave's various apprentice roles as well as what he studied...

Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #5 (20200910) Locksmithing: knowledge, coordination, and considerations

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their fifth Storycorps Connect interview. We cover Dave's life as a locksmith: how he got started , the breadth of his decades of work at Shenendehowa High School, and a favorite Repair Cafe story...

Chase interviews his sister Bailey

We talked about some of the things she did as a child and who were the most important people in her life.

A nurse in the time of Covid, and interview of Madeline by Pia.

Madeline (26) talks with her cousin, Pia (13) about the struggles and wonders of being a nurse in the time of COVID-19. Madeline also shares what it is like to be a nurse in general and what she had to...

I Interview my grandpa Alan Drever

I interview my grandpa on my mom’s side of the family. He is from Scotland and we discuss some things about his life and what happened during his childhood.

Julia Crowley and Logan Crowley

We talked about my moms life, mostly about her dad/ my grandfather and how he was in the army and they moved a lot. We also talked about her life decisions and etc.

Teaching Special Education in a Pandemic

For my interview I talked to my mom, Laura Griffin, who is a special education teacher at a middle school in Eugene, Oregon. I learned a lot about the struggles she has experienced as a teacher, and how she has...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mom about what life is like for her and how others shaped her.

Kay Leppold and Oliver Pelayo

Kay Leppold (58) sat down with friend and fellow nurse, Oliver Pelayo (49) to discuss Kay's nursing career and other adventures.

Interview with former restaurant owner.

I interview my mother who recently retired from her career as a businesswoman and restaurant owner.

Sampath Parthasarathy talks to his grandson about growing up in India.

In this interview, I talk to my grandfather Sampath Parthasarathy about his childhood in India. I also ask him about my dad, and other family members.

Here we are

Sitting down with Derek talking about our lives together so far.