Akie Kadota, Christian Reyes, and Carter Liebman

Friends and fellow Questbridge scholars, Akie Kadota (19), Christian Reyes, (21) and Carter Liebman (19), talk about their experiences as low-income first-generation college students at Northwestern University. They talk about their family histories, parental role reversal, navigating bureaucratic systems without...

McCormack Family History

History of Technology in IBM, Irish Catholic movement in high schools on the north East side of Chicago. History of club Alabam burying the Great Depression. (Pictured: Marcella Benett 1928)

Emmanuel Salgado and Lauro Gonzalez

Emmanuel "Manny" Delgado (18) and his friend Lauro Gonzalez (17) are classmates at Morton East High School. They have a conversation about growing up in Chicago, their love for cars, and their plans after graduation.

Anthony Thomas and Judy Hannan

Judy Hannan (56) interviews her father, Tony Thomas (93) about his life and his 64 year marriage to his wife and her mother, Marge.

Mom and daughter talk

Simple and complicated questions asked from daughter to mother.

“You Can Do Better….”

My grandpa, Rich Spencer, has had a great life. In this interview, you’ll learn about his great accomplishments and upbringing. From Evanston Wyoming to Harvard Buisness School, you’ll see the steps he took to achieve success.


Me interviewing my dad about his childhood

Cold War

My Fathers memories and perspective on the Cold War as he lived through most of it, just missing the early few years.

My grandparents’ life
November 28, 2019 App Interview

Today I interviewed my grandparents. They had a lot of great stories to tell!