Healthy Transitions for Youth & Young Adults in Fairbanks, AK

Emani talks about lessons, challenges, and insights she gathered in working with youth and young adults in Fairbanks Alaska at Healthy Transitions Fairbanks Native Association.

Christa Mulder and Katie Spellman

Katie Spellman (36) speaks with her mentor and collaborator, Christa Mulder (no age given), about their relationship, their pathways in science, what makes for a good mentor and collaborator, and what they have learned from each other.

The Significance of Swimming

My coach (Josh Gregory) and I, talked about the meaning and importance of swimming and the relevance of it to his life and others.

Pamela Bergmann and John Duffy

Spouses Pamela Bergmann (71) and John Duffy (69) discuss John's childhood, military service, ski patrol experience, and life after the military.

Penelope Moore’s interview with Shirley Winther

This is an interview by Penelope Moore (10 years old) with Shirley Winther (59 years old). It covers Shirley’s experience as a pilot in Alaska and her life in Fairbanks as well as her unicycle talents!

Interviewing Seniors

We interviewed seniors about their time and experiences in high school.

Rachael’s interview

I interview Rachael Hoover about her high school experience

Charles Horak and Charles Horak

Charles “Chuck” Joseph Horak III (58) has a conversation with his father, Charles “Charlie” Joseph Horak Jr. (83), about their family tree and their family’s connections to El Paso and West Texas. They also talk about Charlie’s memories of the...

Hillary Barton and Noel Nellis

Hillary Barton (38) interviews her great-uncle, Noel Nellis (87), about his childhood, career, family, church, and the lessons that he has learned throughout his life.

Cyndi Farley and Daniel Farley

Spouses, Cyndi Farley (60) and Daniel "Dan" Farley (67), share their love story, reminisce about the many adventures they have had together, and remember JJ, who was Cyndi's first husband and Daniel's close friend.