Steve Larson In The National Guard

Talked to Steve Larson on his career of joining the Air National Guard.

Micro Interview

We talked about vaccines and preventable diseases.

Scott Verkuilen and Drew Sandberg

Drew Sandberg (49) tells the story of how he visited his friend in Taos, New Mexico in the year 2000 where he was met with the natives of the area during Yuletide, a celebration that takes place around thanksgiving.

The tempestuous trio

Three sisters from the harsh Midwest, growing up in a time when you needed to rely on each other. They embody the strengths and weaknesses of their time and in their place.

Honor Flight

My mom and I talked about her work for an organization called Honor Flight where money is raised to send war veterans to see their memorials in Washington D.C.

Barb Bernardy Rose and Harris Mills

One Small Step partners Harris Mills (76) and Barb Bernardy Rose (68) talk about social justice, their political views, and what they enjoy about living in Cook County, Minnesota.

Nursing During a Pandemic

A new nurse shares her experience of starting her career during a global pandemic.

Interview with Gob

Gob talks life, friendship and relative superstar success.

Interview with Kristi Loberg
December 13, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we talk about Kristi's official title and a little bit about her schooling at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As well as what age group she worked with as a clinical social worker.

Tom Moberg and Mary Moberg

Spouses, Tom Moberg (79) and Mary Moberg (77), talk about their shared interests in travel and the outdoors, and their connection to the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Unit Project 3

In this interview, I interview my friend about her COVID-19 experiences, and how the pandemic affected her life as a college student and part-time worker.

Breouna Anderson Interview

Breouna Anderson was interviewed by Tyrone Crew about her way of peacebuding in the community