One December Morning

This is an interview between my mother (Cathy Small) and myself (Christopher Wegner) where we talk about her life.

Through the eyes of Carrol as a child.

Recorded on November 24, my grandmother told me all about her life as a child. Overall, she enjoyed her childhood and the people who where in it. She enjoyed playing with her brothers, cooking, and playing with friends. Although she...

Interview with Grandma

I learned how my grandmother grew up and some of the most impactful memories she has.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his life. I asked him questions about his life expectancies.

Interview with Shawn

I interviewed my stepfather, who works in IT at the Univeristy or Iowa

Grandma talks about her life growing up,past jobs, and presidential elections

In this interview on November 25th 2018 in lake travis texas zack thomas interviews his grandmother kay thomas about her childhood and past jobs

It’s not nice to starve little boys

Learn about living in a farm and being a nurse.

Interview with Big brother

Andre talked about his career, family, religion, and his life in school.

Recording – 11-26-2023 12:11:56

My grandma Patricia Robinson (71). She lived on a big farm with her Mom, Dad, Sparky, and her 3 sisters. She was the “son” of the family and helped her dad with everything. When she grow up and was still...

AFES Thanksgiving Listen

Childhood, kids, and grandkids, we talked about happy, sad, proud, and just stand out moments in my grandma's life. We talked about first jobs, the magic of their farm, and meeting my grandpa.

My grandma’s life on the farm

I’ve always loved listening to stories about my grandma’s life and how she lived on her farm growing up. Along with three brothers, life was pretty hectic. However, she wouldn’t have traded what she learned or experienced for anything.

Madre and Nix

Amelia (Nix) Hernandez (Great granddaughter) 15 years old. Rose Hernandez, (Great Grandmother) 76 years old. Nix refers to Rose as Mom.

The Great Thanksgiving

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Naida Hasanovic (15) interviews her mother, Enisa Slinic (55) about her childhood with her parents and who she looks up to. She shares what she considers some of her most...

The thanksgiving listen!AGP

Me and my grandmother talked about her favorite memories of her childhood and of me!

The story of my Grandfather

The story of how my Grandfather and his ancestors and children.

Art of Theatre Project

This interview was about my grandma’s childhood and fun memories. We also talked about what she thought her life was going to be like and how it turned out in reality.

StoryCorps interview
December 3, 2020 App Interview

Interview between me and my dad

Interpersonal Communication

From discussing childhood to present day memories we take a listen to happy times as well as troubling events. There are no right answers as everyones path is different yet all share emotion to memories.

Cathy’s Life

I asked Cathy questions about her childhood and how she met her husband. 2:00-3:38 and 4:20-5:45.

About my father

This is about my father growing up and how I was as a child.

Bekah’s life

This interview is about Bekah’s life and what she did.