David Murkison and Ellen Murkison

Ellen Murkison (42) interviews her husband David Murkison (42) about how the accident of their sons impacted their lives and their son's journey to recover.

Sulique Waqa, Juan Sanchez Marin, and Gigi Baxter

International LGBT rights advocates Sulique Waqa [no age given], Juan Miguel Sanchez Marin (38), and Gigi Baxter [no age given] discuss their advocacy program, define resistance, and talk about colonization of indigenous queer bodies during their conversation in the booth.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: A talk with mom

Yumi (51), a mother, talks to her daughter, named Erica (16), about her childhood with relatives that have farming backgrounds, her dating life with movie dates, Fiji honeymoons and raising her moderate and severe intelectually disabled children (including Erica).

Ruth Rosas and Steve Irwin

Ruth Rosas (30) talks to her friend and associate volunteer at Working Bikes Steve Irwin (60) about how they both started volunteering at Working Bikes. They both talk about the freedom of getting rid of cars and relying on their...